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Massive 100K Factory Ultra Edition Bonus Alert!

Here’s your chance to get two coaching programs for the price of one. Access
Trust Funnel Academy, Tube Ritual LIVE and lots more goodness from Brian G.



A Coach or Mentor …

The Karate Kid, Luke Skywalker, Rocky Balboa and
Brett Favre All Had One …

So Did A Skinny Kid from New Zealand Named
Aidan Booth Who Has Quickly Dominated the Internet
Marketing Space in a Matter of Years.


What’s Your Plan?


100K Factory Ultra Addition Bonus
From Brian G. Johnson

Note, this is a “real review” and it’s also a biased one. I know Aidan Booth on a personal level, we're friends, we’ve been partners and I’ve worked with him closely over the years. Furthermore, if you buy 100K Factory through this page I’ll earn an affiliate commission. Of course that can be said for most “100K Factory Review” pages and videos. Proceed with caution and do your due diligence.

Fair enough?

My goal is to simply lay out what I know about the following.

  • 100K Factory Ultra Edition
  • Aidan Booth
  • Steven Clayton
  • What The Program Is About 
  • Testimonials From Previous Students

The following two videos cover in-depth information about Aidan Booth as well as Steven Clayton.
You'll also learn about my bonus offer.

100K Factory Ultra Edition Bonus

The Personalized Coaching Bonus
From Brian G. Johnson


I’ll also be covering my exclusive “one on one” coaching bonus that includes:

  • Trust Funnel Academy 2.0
  • Tube Ritual LIVE (Never Before Released)
  • Personal Access & One on One Coaching With Me Brian G. Johnson

This is an exclusive bonus that you can only access on this very page. My 100K Factory bonus offers one on one access to me, live training webinars, video training and a peak at what I’ve been working on over the last few months. Which by the way, fits in incredibly well with the 100K Factory program and will enhance what you do in that program.

100K Factory Details

At its core, 100K Factory Ultra Edition combines coaching with a powerful software suite that enables students to progress much easier (and faster) than they would on their own. While that may sound like lip service, nothing expedites results like a coach who’s walked the walk. I’ve seen the results that my coaching students have achieved and I’ve watched Aidan turn newbies into superstar marketers in no time.

Aidan Booth on Brian G. Johnson

Tracy Malone on Brian G. Johnson



After all, success takes vision, planning and execution. However, if you’re just getting started. Or have yet to achieve any sizable results with your online marketing. Then how can you know? How can you make winning decisions if you’re just just getting started? How can you separate the true players from the wannabe’s and most importantly. How can you develop a winning strategy, one that nearly guarantees success if you don’t have any previous experience to draw from?

This is why coaching and mentoring plain works.

And while potential is great, in the end. Potential means that you have not done it yet. Lastly, why on earth would you want to go it alone? I’ve personally had coaches and mentors for years and it's allowed me to get where I am today. Luke Skywalker had potential, he also had vision and drive. However, imagine Luke facing off against the evil Darth Vader with no Yoda to support, guide and coach him along the way.

Thank Goodness Luke Was Prepared ....

Thank Goodness Luke Was Prepared ....

Luke had a mentor.

Can you imagine Star Wars with no Yoda? I tremble just thinking about it!

Success Is Often Guided by a Coach or Mentor ... Authority Hybrid

Success Is Often Guided by a Coach or Mentor ...

Success is so very often guided by a mentor or coach. Did you happen to see the Karate Kid movie? As you most likely know, it was the story of a scrawny little kid who first moved across the country. Leaving behind friends and family. Hard enough for a youngster as it is. If that was not enough …

He regularly got beat up by the local “karate all-star boys” at his new school.

Brutal for sure.

Thank goodness for that quite, old and honorable Japanese dude. Mr Miyagi mentored and coached the Karate Kid, teaching him how to defend himself against those school yard bullies.


Mr. Mirage had vision and he understood how to take a newbie and turn him into a champ. Together, the Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi were a team and together they kicked butt. If you’ve been getting beat up online. If you’re struggling to see any significant results, if you don't have a coach or mentor to guide you.

Then you’re making this much more difficult and you’re delaying your results. Sad but true.

If you’re wondering what’s the best method, tactic or strategy to focus on, why leave it to chance? Why waste your precious time and your energy trying to figure things out on your own? Only to come up with a plan of action that “might work out ok”?

Real People, Real Life & Real Results

Mr. Vincent Lombardi was one of the most celebrated, loved and respected football coaches of all time. The Packers were not just successful under his leadership, but went on to win three straight championships and five over a seven year period.

Now, It’s Your turn.

Now you have the chance to enroll in not just one tremendous coaching program, but two. Both lead by marketers who have generated job ending results in numerous niche markets themselves.

Now, It’s Your Turn …

Now, you have the chance to be excellent, to relentlessly chase perfection under the coaching and guidance of two highly successful internet marketers Aidan Booth and (for those that purchase Authority Hybrid from this page and my affiliate link) Brian G. Johnson.

In fact, those that purchase from this very page will access two high level coaching programs, my soon to be release WordPress traffic system (Push Button SEO) and lot’s more, continue reading to learn more ….


The Exclusive 100K Factory Bonus
from Brian G. Johnson


If you're looking for personalized coaching and guidance that is based on results that you can bank on. Then listen up, because what I have for you is something special. Over the last few years I've decided my life to creating a program based around the millions of dollars I've generated as an online entrepreneur. My number #1 best selling book Trust Funnel is more than a book, it's a step by step "success" guide.

The Trust Funnel System focuses around building a platform that allows affiliates, authors, marketers and really anyone to drive and convert traffic and build a list. The system works across dozens and dozens of “digital” niche markets, such as weight loss, health and fitness, making money online, forex, learning to play guitar, learning a new language, digital photography, personal finance, search engine optimization, how to make wine from home, how to brew beer from home, how to golf, how to draw, how to garden, how to get out of debt, even how to find your soul mate and many more.

If you can follow directions, you are just days away from changing your life for the better. I’m talking about creating the ultimate online business … err

No, “business” is clearly NOT the right word! Rather, I’m talking about creating the ultimate success lifestyle.

And that’s what I’ve been doing for well over ten years online. That is, creating a lifestyle by design that I LOVE.

  • Imagine, being able to work (or not) when you want. 
  • Imagine being able to decide what you’ll do and how you’ll do it.
  • Imagine being able to call the shots and not having to answer to ANYONE. And best of all …
  • Imagine being able to generate life changing, job ending income working about ten hours a week.

What is a Trust Funnel?

A Trust Funnel is a sales funnel that leverages the big sites online including: Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and more allowing anyone to build a list as well as drive and convert traffic. Based on proven and effective traffic and conversion methods that have generated job ending results not only for me, but for previous coaching students as well.

I’m talking specifically about:

  • Building a list of not just subscribers, but raving fans.
  • Leveraging the power of an Authority site that drives and converts traffic from
    Google, Facebook and other “big” traffic sources in an ethical, white hat way.
  • Tapping into worlds #1 ecommerce site, Amazon, to drive traffic, earn monthly residuals,
    increase social status and to position yourself as an expert.
  • Tapping into the power of Video and YouTube to convert visitors into raving fans.
  • Leveraging Facebook, the #1 social site to drive even MORE targeted traffic.


Just What Will I Get?

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 8.23.22 AM

100K Factory Bonus

100K Factory Ultra Edition Bonus

100K Factory Ultra Edition Bonus


You'll Also Access:

  • Full Trust Funnel Academy Lifetime Membership
  • Revenge of the Affiliate Coaching Program 
  • Tube Ritual LIVE!
  • Magic Bullet Books - Kindle Software


Strictly Limited to 50 Action Takers

Take action today, hit the order now link (FTC – my affiliate link) and you will have yourself set up for the entire year, working with two trusted coaches that teach strategies that are proven to work. You’ll get started with Aidan in the coming day’s, then in July, you will join my exclusive Trust Funnel Academy coaching program, I will personally hand you my secret weapons which have allowed me to flourish online for years. You’ll be getting two complete systems that work together and compliment and strengthen each other.

Furthermore, you will be able to attend training webinars lead by both Aidan and myself, we’ll keep you on track, motivated and moving forward as you attain results for your business.

But, you must act quickly ….

With a mailing list well over 40,000 and with the buzz surrounding Trust Funnel I fully expect this special bonus offer to sell out.

Click here, purchase 100k Factory and claim your spot right now!

P.S. Coaching has allowed hundreds of my past students and customers to achieve success,
your getting personal coaching form me as well as Aidan Booth, don’t miss this opportunity!

P.S.S. Remember, your getting access to the 100K Factory, and exclusive one on one coaching with me.

P.S.S.S. Do you really think you can find a better bonus online? Join me and Aidan now by purchasing
the 100K Factory from this affiliate link and access the thing that can make all the difference in the world “coaching”.


Reserve Your Spot Coaching Spot Now

Take action today, hit the order now link (FTC – my affiliate link) and you will have yourself set up for the entire year, working with two trusted coaches that teach strategies that are proven to work.

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Access Your Bonus Coaching

Claim your bonus by emailing your receipt:

brianjohnsoncoaching [at] gmail.com


Brian G. Johnson 
People DO NOT fail at internet marketing,
they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.

Brian G. Johnson
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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