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Star Date August 25th, 2015

The web, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the B to the G to the J! His never ending mission, to explore strange new web platforms, to seek out new brand building opportunities, to drive copious amounts of traffic and to boldly go where no man has gone before. Cue funky poodle wrangling' intro music.

Hey, it's Brian G. Johnson and let me tell ya. Big things are happening, BIG things. I'm in the very early stages of designing and launching a new personal brand website (more on that soon), Trust Funnel Academy (my new coaching program) is  now underway. Most exciting however, is the launch of my brand new, live streaming show

Live Streaming Video Platforms Are The Future

I've always been a huge fan of video, no other form media allows people to get to know, like and trust a person faster than video. Video ranks really well in Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, however this is all old news. Live streaming video is what's happening now and with video streaming platforms including Periscope and Meerkat making waves. I've spent a bit of time, done some research and while I like both of these live streaming platforms it's that's really got my attention.

Blab IM The Video Streaming Platform That Nailed It! is currently in beta, they've been online since April of this year and right now YOU have a tremendous opportunity. Whether you're interested in watching, or streaming your own live streaming show, Blab is a platform you're going to want to check out. I predict that by the summer of 2016, Blab will be big. Why all the fuss, well the very smart folks at Blab got a lot of things right. Think Google Hangouts only better  😉 Blab ... Blab ... Blab

Blab Im Does Good  & Gets It Right  😉

1. Blab is easy to use. Create a username (sign in with a Twitter account) click to view a live stream, subscribe to an upcoming stream or click "start a new blab" to go live and stream your own show. Compared to Google Hangouts, it's a walk in the park. I did have some slight issues on my first live blab, however I believe that was due to a faulty blue yeti mic.

2. Blab is social and each stream can hold up to four people. This is perfect for hosting a show that covers various topics (this is what I'll be doing with I've invited some very smart, successful and fun folks to come hang out with me on the Blab with Brian show including. Joel Comm, Shelley Hitz, Brian Basilico, Colin Theriot, Brad Gosse, Felecia Slattery, Darrin Bentley and I have a few more surprises up my sleeve.

3. Blab makes sharing EASY. You can't access Blab without a twitter account and the platform is well integrated with twitter. As a new blab get's underway people tweet and share the blab by simply clicking a button in the live stream, it's easy and it works to bring in new viewers. My New Live Streaming Show!

In the coming days I'll be officially launching my new live show, Blab with Brian! As mentioned, I've asked some very smart and successful marketers to come on and share what they've learned about achieving high level success in the digital marketing world. Particularly building a strong brand and platform online, because high level success is not possible with out either of these elements. Build your platform on the foundation of a strong brand and you will win. Join me B to the G to the J, Joel Comm, Brad Gosse, Brian Basilico, Shelley Hitz, Colin Theriot, Felecia Slattery and other digital marketing super stars.

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Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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