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Book Marketing Plan & Ideas – Going Viral on Facebook

Do you like real marketing strategies and tactics from the trenches. Case studies that reveal how great results were generated? If so, then check out this blog post which details the very strategy I used to get my book “Trust Funnel” shared by more than 39 top social media and internet marketers.

Halloween Affiliate Marketing: Traffic & Conversions + The 9 Billion Dollar Niche

In 2003 I was able to quite my day job as a professional Chef by simply creating websites that targeted products that consumers NEEDED. Not wanted (which can also be very lucrative) but NEEDED. I created sites focused around all kinds of stuff including: Life was good, I was relieved and extremely happy to have…

Google Panda Case Study by Brian G. Johnson

Google Panda Case Study – Part Two

This is part two of a current case study in all things Google Panda, you can read part one of my case study here. What has been your experience with Google being able to rank well post Panda update? I have a handful of sites that continue to grow stronger. The video above really covers…

Go Big, Or Go Home

From the Trenches: Google Case Study

In the fall of 2010 I launched several websites targeting very competitive search terms and I believed that they would eventually gain authority with Google and visitors alike. Several weeks ago (November of 2011) one of those sites broke through to the top ten of Google to outrank a number of .edu domains and other…