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From the Trenches: Google Case Study


Go Big, Or Go HomeIn the fall of 2010 I launched several websites targeting very competitive search terms and I believed that they would eventually gain authority with Google and visitors alike.

Several weeks ago (November of 2011) one of those sites broke through to the top ten of Google to outrank a number of .edu domains and other well established sites which had been online for many years.

In this post I will reveal details about what has occurred with these authority sites during the past 13 months. I will also tell you exactly what worked and what has yet to. I will then share two very powerful marketing tactics which had been proven to work very effectively. One of these tactics I’ve been teaching for years and it’s still as powerful as ever for establishing the highest quality back-links. The other tactic is rather new but has proven to be highly valuable for launching new websites.

Some History:

As mentioned, these sites were launched in the fall of 2010 and at the time it was quite evident that Google was favoring merchant sites in their algorithm, especially for physical based keyword phrases. While affiliate sites were still to be found in the top ten of Google, their percentage had dropped dramatically compared to previous years.

It was also quite clear that the Google algorithm, which was updated months earlier, intended to reduce the power of exact match domain names (domain names matching target keyword phrases). Yet for the past two years, I had been riding the exact match domain wave and made bundles of money through AdSense and various affiliate programs as did many of my customers.

With this information in hand my goal was simple and clear as I set out to launch a handful of sites targeting niche markets where I knew there was money to be made. At the time (August / September of 2010), I picked up five or six domains with several of them leveraging a new tactic which was a tweaked version of my Expired Domain Name method. I will cover this new domain method in a bit.

Each domain I purchased had a specific monetization goal in mind:

– Affiliate monetization model
– AdSense monetization model

Since these sites would target very competitive niche markets, I had a long term game plan and no delusions for quickly ranking in the top ten of Google. Knowing that it would produce incredibly high quality text and video content that both Google and visitors love, I commissioned my assistant to do some basic research on various types of articles which we would outsource and utilize a content creation method that leverages experts’ videos on YouTube.

I actually taught this method in my 300 Internet Marketers coaching program this year, and many of my members who utilized these tactics ended up with high page rankings and great flows of Google traffic.

By November / December of 2010 we had a dozen or so articles to post to this handful of sites and thus we launched them. Remember, I was in no hurry to rank because it is much safer to take the steady growth approach to web rankings and avoid pushing too hard with link building, social media, etc. I was also very busy during the Spring and Summer launching a number of online marketing courses.

For the first six months, 85% of our marketing efforts went into publishing high quality content because that is exactly what site visitors want and what Google rewards. So it had to be our priority, and high quality content is always unique and always includes graphics and/or appropriate videos.

Two of the sites in question ended up with 75 posted articles. In fact, one particular site that targets the most competitive search term which has more than 400 million Google search results currently consists of over 300 indexed posts and pages.

Once the sites had been online and indexed by Google for 90+ days, we began a steady link building campaign for them all while continuing to add more and more content.

By six months, all of the sites had a large amount of posted content and so we slowed down on adding more content for all but the extra massive one.

By month nine we began to implement the link building tactic that I had mentioned earlier — “Let’s Get Blogrolled”. I have used this method for at least five years on seven or eight of my sites and it has produced tremendous results about 80% of the time.

Six weeks after implementing the Let’s Get Blogrolled method, one of the sites that had been dancing on page two, three and four of Google had finally made it to page one.

Wahaaa! World domination would soon be mine!

This particular site quickly bounced up to #7 in Google. Then, to my utter surprise, about ten days later the site was sitting pretty at #5 with its incredibly competitive search term. Once again, my straight forward link building method was producing tremendous results.

What is evident and totally unsurprising is that quality always trumps quantity with Google. You do not need thousands upon thousands of links to rank well on the Google search engine, but you do need a few high quality links from trusted sites. This helps to establish your sites own high trust level with Google and as your sites gains trust (as well as pagerank) higher ranking nearly almost occur.

How About the Massive 300+ Post & Page Site? How is it Doing?

The massive site totaling over 300+ posts and pages full of content skipped around Google pages for about six months. But with over 400 million indexed pages in Google for its target keyword phrase, this is fairly typical.

It’s been ranked #11 and has spent a fair amount of time on page two of Google. Currently it has been parked on page three but I think that with a year of solid history, it is starting to settle down and I expect the ranking to improve in time. The fact that we also used the “Let’s Get Blogrolled” link building method and were incredibly successful in obtaining more than a dozen links from other authority sites within its niche will help tremendously.

Simple “SEO” Success Formula

After implementing my action plan over a period of 13 to 14 months, it is nice to see such positive results. And this simple SEO Success Formula generates free traffic from Google because it feeds the search engines with what they want:

  • High Quality, Unique Content That Matters
  • High Quality Links From Sites That Matter
  • Time


Time and time again, by following this simple formula, I have been able to drive traffic and make money.

Since one of the mentioned sites has secured a number of high quality links from a variety of sources and is based on 100% unique and relevant content, some more time needs to be allotted in order to obtain the desired rankings.

Heading back to the site that is now positioned in the top five three of Google, we invested time and energy into sourcing expert videos for its niche which we will then turn into additional high quality content to be posted and published.

Simply put, now that the high rankings have been achieved we will add more quality content that will target more keywords and ultimately driving more traffic which we will then convert into money.

If you are undertaking a similar project; be realistic about future rankings, understand that quality wins the day time and time again and follow a well thought out plan of action. Don’t ever give up before the magic begins!

Internet Marketing Tactics that Were Implemented

This article contains several tactics that were successfully leveraged and in future updates I will be sharing exact step-by-step details for additional powerful tactics. Subscribe today and you’ll avoid missing out on the following:

Advantage Domain

Let’s Get Blogrolled

What are your plans for the next twelve months?

Will you be launching any SEO projects in the future?

I’m interested to know what you’re up to, so please post your comments below.


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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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