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Aidan Booth on Achieving Success & His “Secret Sauce”


Hey, it’s Brian here with another “success” guest blog post from students turned partner, Aidan Booth. I first met Aidan back in the summer of 2009 when I launched an inner circle coaching program, Aidan signed up putting me on notice right then and their that he would have success and in a big way.

Aidan showed up at webinars, made use of the forum to get clarification when needed and also supported the efforts of others, above all Aidan took tremendous action and produced tangible assets, something that I believe far out weighs the alternative and often products tremendous results.

Aidan did not question, he did not over think, rather he put into action the strategies I laid out. Within a matter of months Aidan was able to increase his overall revenue tremendously, in less than one year Aidan was making over $250 a day. From that point on I quickly noticed that Aidan had his hands in dam near everything I was teaching and also was moving forward with additional methods outside of my teachings.

This is generally something that I highly advise people do not do, as people often spread themselves too thin biting off more than they can chew, however Aidan was the exception and began having success in a number of ways online.

  • Mini Sites Target Affiliate Product Sales
  • Sniping Product Launches & Offers True Reviews & Bonuses
  • Building a List
  • Targeting Adsense Income

In the years to follow Aidan would also launch a product together with me (Rank and Pillage) get involved with eCommerce allowing him to shed the dogma of “affiliate” and also launched his own coaching program at $497, a price tag that is quite unheard of for someone first product on their own.

Aidan would have succeeded no matter what, I feel fortunate that Aidan found my Commission Ritual product and jumped in at the highest level to gain closer access to me and my teachings. Today Aidan and I are partners, we meet monthly to discuss current ideas, SEO, conversions and things that excite us and were both focused on providing value to the web, this is especially true when it comes to our paying customers.

Today, in a post Google Penguin and Panda world, nothing is more important than going big and adding value, if your not doing this in your marketing, you will have a hard time achieving lasting results. But both Aidan and I have something that most wannabe super affiliates and internet marketers don’t, in fact I believe it is the secret sauce that separates those that have achieved massive success in business, work, college and in life and of course internet marketing.

Failure & The Ability To Turn Failure Into Success

I see far too many people crumble in the face of adversity, they blame their lack of success and failure on others and do everything in their power to NOT ACCEPT responsibility. When things get tough, they give in and give up ….

  • It’s The Guru’s Fault
  • The Product Is Outdated
  • Google’s New Algo Messed Up My Results
  • Excuse, Excuse …Excuse

In the last four years, Aidan has created an internet marketing success story that most people dream of (a very good thing to dream by the way) he has earned lots of money alone the way, has multiple revenue sources, has build a list and more.

He also has failed time and time again, however, at each point of failure he recalculated his strategies and moved forward and in fact he turned failure into success. I love think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill in this classic book about achieving success, a story is told about quieting too soon, right before success is about to happen. The story “three feet from gold” is very popular amount successful entrepreneurs and  offers a valuable lesson, never give up in the face of adversity.

Napoleon Hill’s & Three Feet From Gold

Before I Turn it Over to Aidan …. (awesome freebie)

Aidan just launched Aidan and is offering a free report on Google+ Authorship, this is something that can help to drive more traffic to your website as search engine pages or SERP’S as your Google listings will include a little image next to them which add credibility while also making your listing stand out.

Example of Google Authorship Search Listing:

Free Report from Aidan on Google Authorship

Free Report from Aidan on Google Authorship

You can access this free report which Aidan just release again at Aidan

Here’s Aidan ….

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Aidan Booth, I’m a New Zealander who got started in internet marketing about 6 years ago and have been a full time internet marketer for the last 4 years.

My internet marketing success story started in 2006…like many people starting out, I was looking for an additional income stream, more freedom and flexibility and was easily excited by all the “too-good-to-be-true” sales letters promising quick and easy riches.

Instead of boring you with pages and pages of lessons learned over the last 6 years, I want to briefly walk you through how my internet marketing business evolved and point out a few critical forks in the road…things that were critical to my success and could have a big impact on yours.

It began in 2006…

2006 – 2007: Failure, Failure, Failure & More Failure.

My first year online was plagued with failure

I can’t remember how many different products I purchased or how many different tactics I implemented, but after 12 months I had absolutely nothing to show for it. My first year as an internet marketer was an embarrassment – I was a massive flop and everything I’d done felt like a total waste of time.

I launched websites and expected them to make me money.

I purchased internet marketing products that “guaranteed” my success.

Perhaps you can relate…products made by internet marketing cowboys who only cared about making a quick buck.

I followed the dream and got sucked in time and time again.

Eventually enough was enough…I learned my first lesson the hard way:

If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.

Year 2 was much better.

2008: I Discovered The Power Of Website Traffic.

After 12 months of failure after failure, I had picked up a few things along the way…firstly, that I needed to get visitors to my websites in order to have any chance of making money.

For the first 12 months all my websites were missing one critical ingredient…targeted traffic.

No one was visiting my websites.

No visitors = No money.

I started studying different ways to drive traffic to my websites.

Traffic Option 1: Paid Advertising

Paid advertising was the first option that jumped out at me.

In my quest for website visitors, I searched the net and finally found someone who could send me 10,000 visitors for $200…I thought this sounded pretty good and that if 10,000 people visited my site, then surely I’d make a few sales to cover the $200 invested.

I was excited by this new possibility and so I paid the man.

The traffic never came…I’d just been scammed and I lost $200 but had my first lesson beaten into me again. If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.

My search for traffic continued.

I found the Google Adwords program. Google Adwords allows you to publish ads in Google and you pay Google each time someone clicks on your ads (PPC = Pay Per Click).

I purchased a course (sold on Clickbank) about how to run a PPC Campaign using Google Adwords…this course turned out to be one of the first quality products I’d purchased.

Within a few days of buying the course, I had my first campaign up and running and was FINALLY receiving visitors to my website.

The sales started to come so I decided to ramp up the system. I paid for more visitors.

Over the coming months my ads were shown to almost 13 million people and the sales flooded in.


I was finally living the internet marketing dream I’d read about so often on fancy sales pages. Most importantly, I proved to myself that internet marketing worked and in the process I learned another very important lesson:

Targeted Traffic + Relevant Offer = SALES

It didn’t last long though…after a few months of success, I woke up one morning to a message from Google saying that my account had been banned due to an infringement of their terms of use.

Adwords Account Banned - Failure

Adwords Account Banned - Failure

Basically Google didn’t like the kinds of websites I was sending traffic to (one page websites offering very little value).

I was back to square one, but this time things were different. I now knew without any doubt at all that the system worked…all I needed was a new source of traffic!

2009: Free Traffic From Google

A massive traffic source was at my finger tips but I’d always ignored it…I’m talking about getting top rankings in Google and FREE traffic.

I began to study SEO (search engine optimization).

I invested in several expensive online SEO courses and even went to a three-day seminar in a fancy Auckland hotel (I was living in Auckland, New Zealand, at the time).

I started implementing what I learned about “keyword density” (a big deal in the good ol’ days!) and “link building” (something totally new to me…) and sure enough, my websites started to move up the rankings and eventually got to #1 in Google.

My websites again had traffic and were making money…what’s more, I no longer had to pay Google thousands of dollars per week for my ads so my profit margins soared!!!

Achieving Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Success

Achieving Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Success

I’d successfully taped into free traffic and I knew my internet business (and my life) would never be the same again.

I Became A Full Time Internet Marketer

I quit my job, packed my bags, and bought a one-way ticket to Spain.

Aidan - Living The Internet Lifestyle!

Aidan - Living The Internet Lifestyle!

I was earning enough to get by but I wanted to grow my business…that’s when I started looking for someone who could help me take it to the next level.

I started searching for SEO “gurus” who could teach me more advanced SEO tactics and strategies…after all, free traffic powered by top rankings in Google was now the life-blood of my business.

I eventually found Brian G Johnson and Commission Ritual.

Achieving Success with Brian G. Johnson

Achieving Success with Brian G. Johnson

After reading his sales page, I knew that he was someone I could learn from and I knew that his product was right for me.

I signed up immediately.

I wanted to learn as much as I could so I opted for his “Inner Circle Coaching” program and worked closely with Brian for the next year or so.

My business took off…I went from about $80/day to $250/day over the course of the next 9 months or so.

I built lots of different types of websites, some “Authority Sites” and also lots of “Mini Sites” (this diversity would end up saving me later…).

One success led to another and my business exploded to over 1200 websites.

It was too easy.

I’d build a website, work some SEO magic, get top rankings, get traffic, make sales, and then build the next.

I had created an extremely profitable website factory and had hired 4 full time workers to run the show.

I moved to the French Alps and continued to live a great lifestyle, snowboarding, having fun, and living off my passive internet marketing income.

Living The Internet Marketing Lifestyle – For Real!

Living the Dream!

Living the Dream!

Just when things seemed to be perfect, I got another BIG wake up call.

2010: I Lost 1000 Websites

Google changed the way it ranked websites.

Of my 1200 websites, Google de-indexed about 1000 of them from one day to the next. It was a massive change, nothing like it had been seen before and many people suffered – me included.

Thankfully I had a bit of diversity in my business and I still had a large number of profitable websites (about 200) – my earnings almost halved but I was still earning good money.

The types of websites that survived all had one thing in common…they were all useful websites that provided real value to their visitors.

I’d just learned another extremely important lesson that would re-shape the way I ran my online business:

2011 – 2012: Create Quality Websites For Long Term Success

My days of trying to “beat Google” were over.

Instead of looking for loopholes I decided to focus on creating high quality sites that offered something of value (usually information) to my visitors.

This simple principle is now responsible for a network of high value “Authority Sites” that earn me thousands of dollars every single week and allows me to live the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of.

Aidan in the Greek Islands

Aidan in the Greek Islands

My road to success wasn’t easy. I’ve had more than my fair share of setbacks but it’s all been worth it.

When I look back and join the dots to where I am today, there were a few defining moments:

1. Realizing that targeted traffic was all I needed to make money online.

2. Realizing that loopholes only offer short-term results at best.

3. Realizing that creating quality websites almost always results in long-term success.

4. And perhaps most importantly, finding a good mentor and avoiding all the “too good to be true offers”.

Success Leaves Clues…

I want to leave you with one last thing today – and that’s to do with the “traits and characteristics” that were most important to my success…

If I had to pinpoint 3 traits that were critical to my success, they’d be the following:

1. An un-relenting belief that internet marketing works and that I could do it.
2. Never ever giving up – even when is seemed like it just wasn’t going to work.
3. Turning every failure and every mistake into a learning experience, and getting better all the time.

Stick with internet marketing, find a good mentor with a good system, believe in it, keep learning and keep getting better, and you will have success online.

Thanks for reading,

Aidan Booth


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  • wolfieworldwide

    Reply Reply May 11, 2012

    I wish you all the best Aiden you have worked hard, and more to the point, you have stuck at it, which is what I am doing as well.

  • LiseLa5

    Reply Reply May 11, 2012

    Congratulations on an awsome blog…It is so interesting getting to know you and your business!  I’m still
    in your first coaching program and, as you preach I am doing:  never quit, no matter how difficult it gets, not
    if you really want to succeed.  Thank you so much for your presence, your teachings, your answers and your
    patience.  Also, I noticed your advice about the “shiny object syndrome…thanks.

  • DeborahDrum

    Reply Reply May 11, 2012

    I agree with not trying to fool Google….it won’t pay off in the long run!
    Brian G Johnson is a great marketer to follow. He gives great advice and he is someone with proven success!!  
    I would advise anyone to follow in the footsteps of Brian G. Johnson==> Aidan (and myself) are living proof of 2 marketers who have benefited from his teachings!
    Deborah Drum

  • darkblue09

    Reply Reply May 11, 2012

    Inspiring blog post, Aidan. It is indeed great to see where you came from and how far you got over the years. The big lesson I get from this is to never ever give up. Look at each failure as a step forward towards my success. 
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Munish Kishore

    Reply Reply May 12, 2012

    Very inspiring. There are times when you want to give up and most of the times success is just one step more. Never give up your dreams and DREAM, only then they come true. A great post 

  • JoshKelly

    Reply Reply May 12, 2012

    Thanks for the post guys! What was the good PPC program you purchased Aiden, or do you have any more current PPC course recommendations?

  • SusanNeal

    Reply Reply May 12, 2012

    Thanks very much for sharing your inspirational story, Aidan – I’ve been trying to get going in internet marketing for the past year and can relate to so much of what you say. I’m just making a new beginning on Brian’s 300 Marketers course and your post has reinforced my conviction that I simply need to keep trying, keep learning (from others’ achievements and from my own mistakes!), keep taking action and maintain an unswerving faith in my own ability to succeed. I wish you continued happiness and success in your career.

  • AnnMullen

    Reply Reply May 14, 2012

    Thank you Brian and Aidan. I am trying to learn this SEO stuff so I can wow my clients with clients of their own. Your information is a big leap forward for us.

  • Melissa C

    Reply Reply May 17, 2012

    So inspiring. I am so glad to be learning from you Aidan! I feel lucky that I just started my Internet Marketing business and have the great fortune of having you as my coach.
    Keep those success stories coming! :))

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