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Over the past few months much of my energy has gone into book publishing via the Kindle. The Amazon Kindle opportunity is exciting, real and everyone including yourself has a tremendous opportunity to earn some extra money via Amazon Kindle.

To-date, I have published a handful of books and have another three or four in the pipeline so to speak, I’m also planning on launching several books on internet marketing in the coming weeks and months under my own name. This blog post was created by Sue Neal, one of my aspiring students that has a lot of passion for internet marketing, writing and achieving success. Sue run’s the awesome website where she shares ideas and tips on how anyone can turn writing into an income stream.

I asked Sue to help me do some research on free book promotions and specifically for a list of websites that help authors promote their books via free book promotions. If your selling via KDP, which I am guessing many of you are, you have a chance to give your book away for free for up to five days by leveraging the KDP Select program. It may seam counter intuitive to give your book away for free, however when this happens time and time again many book authors including myself have seen sales increase as well as an increase to rankings on the Amazon site itself.

More free downloads in effect equal better Amazon positioning and ultimately sales. The list below offer a tremendous resource of possible sites that you may want to feature your book on.

How to Launch a Book:

Discover the Secrets of Amazon Kindle Bestsellers

If you’re an aspiring author, there’s never been a better time to write and publish your own work – because self publishing a book is now a relatively easy process and the potential exposure is huge! 1 in 4 Americans now own some kind of device that enables them to read electronic books including iPads, Kindles and smart phones.

Many new authors are harnessing the power of Amazon’s global marketing reach by publishing on its Kindle platform. This is growing like Topsy because people no longer even need a Kindle device to access Kindle books – free apps are available that enable you to read them on many other devices, including computers, laptops and mobiles.

Publishing a book on Kindle gives you access to a massive worldwide audience – and Amazon makes the publishing process very simple. So it’s no wonder lots of budding authors are rushing to get a piece of the action. If you’re going down this route and you’ve gone through the blood, sweat and tears of writing your masterpiece, you’re no doubt itching to click ‘publish’ – but WAIT!

Do you know how to launch a book and promote it to make sure it stands out from the crowd and doesn’t sink without trace at the bottom of Amazon’s rankings?

This next crucial step could mean the difference between making a few measly sales and getting your book onto Amazon’s list of bestsellers!

You might think you’ve done enough to attract people’s attention with a sensationally eye-catching cover and killer title – but that’s only the start. No matter how great the content, no matter how stunning the cover, no matter how compelling the title – all that effort could be in vain if you don’t promote your book like gangbusters when you launch it.

If you do no more than simply publish your book on Amazon, it’s like burying it on the shelves at the back of a massive shop – sure, it’s available for sale in that amazing global bookstore – but how is anyone ever going to find it?

Unfortunately, your book hasn’t got legs and won’t be able to climb to the top of the listings under its own steam – you’ve got to give it a helping hand. And that means having a well orchestrated plan to promote your book before you launch it. Unless you can afford to pay someone to do it for you, you’ll have to run your own marketing campaign – because you need to get the word out about your book to potential buyers and influential reviewers.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you do just that…….

Decisions, decisions…..Options For Promoting Your Self Published Book






Many indie authors leverage the power of promotional ‘giveaways’ to market their books. You need to decide whether you want to go down this route, which involves making your book available for absolutely nothing, possibly to thousands of readers. This might sound like a crazy idea, but a lot of authors think it’s worth it – you’ll have to weigh up the potential pros and cons of this approach and see if it’s right for you.


  • You risk losing real potential sales to people in your target audience who might have paid for your book anyway.
  • Lots of people download free books fairly indiscriminately, on topics they may not be particularly interested in – this could lead to some unfavorable reviews.
  • You obviously won’t make any royalties on your book when it’s given away for free.


  • Many authors who use this approach report that it can lead to a significant increase in sales following the free promotion.
  • Your book’s visibility is increased and this can boost its Amazon ranking, leading to greater sales in the long run.
  • If your book is one of a series, or if you have other individual books on sale, the giveaway can be used to promote and increase the sales of your other titles.
  • If your book is interesting and well written, you should get some good reviews, which will help to boost your rankings and future sales.


How to Launch a Book by Giving it Away For Free!

1. Goodreads Giveaways

Goodreads is a bit like a huge book club. It’s a very popular site for authors and book lovers and many writers use it as a powerful promotional tool. While marketing your book in the normal way via a publisher such as Amazon Kindle or Smashwords, you can run ‘Giveaway’ contests on Goodreads, offering as many free copies of your book as you can afford to a target audience. Many authors will tell you this is a great way to raise awareness of your books as well as generating sales and reviews. On average, 45% of giveaway winners will review your book – and getting good reviews is one of the best ways to improve your book’s chance of long-term success. The Goodreads site offers advice on getting the most out of your giveaway contest – while it’s up and running you should be working to promote your book like crazy for maximum effect.

2. Arrange Your Own Giveaways

Make your book available for free for a limited period on your own website or blog. There is also a site called Get Free eBooks that will distribute your book for free – simply complete the form on the site.

3. Publish Your Book For Free on Smashwords

If you publish your book via Smashwords, you are allowed to set the price as ‘free’ (I understand you can’t do this on Amazon Kindle, except for free promotional days when you enrol in KDP Select – see below for more information about this). If your book is also for sale on Amazon, you can then notify Amazon, on your book page, that the book is priced lower elsewhere, and there’s a chance that Amazon will automatically lower your price and eventually change it to free – though this is not guaranteed. When you raise the price of your book on Smashwords, Amazon will then usually put the price back up. You will obviously not make any money on your book while it’s free – the aim is simply to increase your book’s visibility and hopefully obtain some good reviews.

4. Enrol in KDP Select (Kindle Direct Publishing)

One of the main decisions you’ll need to make is whether to enroll your book in Amazon’s KDP Select publishing program. This gives Amazon exclusive rights to publish the electronic version of your book for 90 days. During that time you are not permitted to make it available through any other outlets– and that includes publishing extracts on your own website or blog.

However, enrolling in KDP Select can help you to promote your book, because during the 90 days you’re able to select 5 ‘promotional’ days when you’re allowed to give your eBook away for free on Amazon. Outside those 5 days, your book will be sold at the market price. Additionally, your eBook will be available in the Kindle Owners’ Library, for which you will receive royalties if your book is borrowed.

In the short video below, author Renee Pawlish shows how to use KDP Select and talks about the benefits of enrolling in this program: (Brian – I’m obviously unable to embed the video in Word – if you want to use this, the code below is the code for the large version as extracted via PBSEO – should work in WP)

Pros and Cons of KDP Select

Disadvantages: You’re locked into an exclusive deal with Amazon for 90 days and during that period you may not make your book available anywhere else, including:

  • In other digital book formats such as Nook.
  • As an offer or opt-in bonus on your website or blog.
  • As extracts on your website or blog.
  • In a PDF version.

Advantages: Many authors are concluding that the disadvantages of the KDP Select scheme are far outweighed by the opportunities it gives you to leverage Amazon’s marketing might:

  • Your book will be made available through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and can be borrowed by members of Amazon Prime, which is growing in popularity. However, borrowing eBooks is only available on Kindle devices, not via Kindle reading apps on other machines.
  • You will earn royalties according to how often your book is borrowed.
  • You can schedule five ‘free’ promotional days and directly control these using the Promotions Manager tool within KDP select – this can boost long-term sales by increasing the visibility of your book.
  • Instant feedback on your book’s performance is available in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.
  • The exclusivity clause does not extend to print versions of your book – so you could still have a paper version made available for distribution through other channels. For example, you could publish a print version through a print-on-demand publisher such as CreateSpace.

However, even if you do sign up for KDP Select, you still need your own marketing plan if you’re going to take full advantage of those 5 promotional ‘free’ days.


Here are some tips on how to make the most of them:

Schedule Your ‘FREE’ Days For Greatest Impact

I’ve heard it’s best to stagger your free promotional giveaway days in order to have the greatest effect. It’s the initial ‘boost’ you get from a free promotion that tends to lead to a spike in downloads. If you run your free giveaway days consecutively, the impact tends to wane after a day or two and you risk losing the impact of 5 separate promotional ‘kicks’.

Promote your Free Promotional Giveaways to Top Sites for Maximum Exposure

There are tons of sites that allow you to register and promote your free giveaways – some you need to notify in advance, others on the day:

  • Addicted to eBooks: You need to register with this site first, then you can post to promote your Kindle eBook, but you must do so on the day it goes free.
  • Author Marketing Club: This site has centralised links to many other sites where you can submit your book, to make life easier for you. In order to submit to the Author Marketing Club itself you first need to register with the site – but once that’s done you just fill out the form, it’s very easy.
  • Bargain eBook Hunter: Just complete their contact form to let them know about your free promotional day. I gather you will not receive a response – you just need to check their site on the day of your promotion to find out if they’ve given you a mention.
  • Book Bazaar at Kindle Boards: Joining the Kindle Boards forum is a must for any Kindle author. The Book Bazaar has a number of threads dedicated to particular writing genres. You’re allowed to submit a promotional post to one of these threads (obviously choose the one most relevant to the theme of your book) once a week. Be sure to schedule your submissions so that you can post about your free promotion on the day it starts. You can also post the results of your KDP Select promotion in the Mega Thread in the Writers’ Cafe section of Kindle Boards.
  • Books on the Knob: Send an email to the site owner asking them to mention your promotion.
  • Cents-ible eReads: Complete the form on the site at least 30 days in advance of your free promotion. You need at least 5 good reviews from a reputable site.
  • Digital Book Today: You can submit your book for inclusion in their Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books list, but you need at least 10 reviews and an average rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars. If you make the grade, just fill out the form on the site.
  • eReader IQ: Notify this site about your promotion by sending them an email via their ‘contact’ form.
  • Ereader News Today: Complete the simple form on the site at least 3 days before your promotion. Your book is unlikely to be plugged on this site if it has less than 3 reviews and/or low review scores (below 4).
  • Flurries of Words: This is an up and coming blog that accepts submissions for book promotions, offering both free and paid advertising options. Visit the site to check out terms and conditions and contact details.
  • Freebooksy: Complete the editorial submission form on the site to notify them of your free promotion.
  • Free eBooks Daily: Just complete the form on the site.
  • Free Kindle Books and Tips: As with the Indie Books List, just fill out the form on the site – but please note, your book must already have an average user rating of 4 out of 5 stars in order to be accepted for this promotion.
  • Indie Books ListFill out the form with details of your book a few days in advance (the website will tell you the deadlines for upcoming dates). This submission will also get your book promoted on Ebooks Free Free Free.
  • Kindle Daily Deal: The author of this site will promote your book to their 15,000+ followers, but asks that in return you purchase one of his books for $2.99 – sounds like quite a good deal! The owner of this site has linked Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ pages and promises lots of exposure with daily tweets and posts about bargain books.
  • Pixel of InkJust fill out the form on the site up to 30 days in advance of your promotion. Although it doesn’t say so on the site, I’ve read elsewhere that you need to have some good reviews on Amazon to have the best chance of getting your book promoted. This is one of the top sites for promoting Kindle books and has tons of visitors looking for books, so it’s well worth heading over to their Author’s Corner and signing up for their newsletter. You can also submit a request to be featured on their site. If you can get a mention on Pixel of Ink it will give your sales a huge boost.
  • Snickslist: This site is dedicated to KDP Select promotions. You must list your book on the day it goes free (so set your alarm clock and get up early!) You can keep it listed only while it’s available as a freebie. Simply complete the form on the site to post your classified ad. Listings on this site will also appear on Your Book Authors – so you’re killing two birds with one stone.
  • That Book Place: Simply complete and submit the free promo submission form on the site.

Post to FACEBOOK PAGES on the day your book goes free

Here are some Facebook pages worth paying a visit:

Consider Investing in Paid Promotions (if you can afford it!)

If you want to invest in some paid promotion for the days your book goes free, here are some sites you could explore:

  • Frugal eReader: It currently costs $50 a day to be featured as their ‘frugal find of the day’ – so maybe not that frugal!
  • Good Kindles: Requests a donation of $1 per listing.
  • Kindle Author: Their free book promotion costs $20 a day, but if you submit your book it has a chance of being featured in a free advertising slot.
  • Kindle Nation Daily: This is a massive site with lots of traffic. They don’t offer free promotions, but if you add your book to their eBook tracker, it will get picked up in their free ebook list. They do offer paid sponsorships, starting at around $139 – so not an option for the cash-strapped or faint-hearted!
  • World Literary CafeProvides paid promotions – their New Release feature promotion currently costs $45.


Consider working to get some decent reviews BEFORE you run free promotional days – this will make it much easier to get your book plugged on other sites.

Whether or not you run free promotions, reader reviews are critical to the success of your book and there are a number of ways to get them:

  • Ask for reviews on Kindle Boards and other forums.
  • Contact writing blogs and review sites (see list below).
  • Many regular reviewers on Amazon make their emails available – drop an email to reviewers who are likely to be interested in your book, sending them a free version and asking them for an honest review.
  • Ask for reviews from visitors to your blog, your Facebook fans or other social media contacts.
  • Review other authors’ books – remember the law of reciprocation! This is a great way to get your own book reviewed.
  • Once you start receiving some positive reviews, keep a note of people who liked your book and contact them when you have another book that needs reviewing.















Other strategies to make sure your book launch goes with a bang!

  • CONTACT AUTHOR BLOGS AND REVIEW SITES: There are lots of blogs and review sites you can contact to ask to have your book reviewed – you could also approach them with a view to doing some guest blogging, to raise your profile:


Books on the Knob

Candy’s Raves

Cheryl’s Book Nook

Coffee and Roses

Daily Cheap Reads

Historical Fiction Connection

Indie Books Blog

Jenn’s Bookshelves

Kindle Author

Kindle Obsessed

Lost For Words

My Reading Room

Red Adept Reviews

Rex Robot Reviews

Simon Royle

Spalding’s Racket

The Cajun Book Lady

The Frugal Reader

The Indie Spotlight

The Novel Blog

The Unread Reader

Tina’s Book Reviews

Trisha’s Book Blog

Two Ends of the Pen


  • GET UP EARLY!!! If you’re running any free promotional days, you need to be up way before the lark – as in the early hours of the morning – to make the most of any opportunities for ‘on the day’ submissions or postings. So be sure to set your alarm!
  • HOME IN ON YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: Your book will be much more successful if you can get it out to the kind of people who are actively looking for books in your particular genre – so search for relevant facebook pages, websites and blogs and start making connections. Sites such as Goodreads enable you to network with fans of different writing genres. Before running a ‘giveaway’, join forum groups for fans of your book’s speciality – and where it’s permitted, give your book a plug!
  • PROMOTE YOUR BOOK ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE OR BLOG: If you don’t already have a website or blog, you should consider setting one up to promote your book. Post articles about your book, scheduling them to appear at key times in the days and weeks leading up to your book’s launch or any free promotional days. If you’re not enrolled in KDP Select, you can also release ‘taster’ excerpts from your book to whet your readers’ appetites. Or you might want to consider giving your book away for free for a limited period and asking people to leave reviews.
  • CAPTURE AN EMAIL LIST OF FANS: One of the most powerful and effective ways to promote your book is to build an email list of fans who are likely to be interested in buying it – that way you have your very own captive audience to give your book a flying start.
  • GUEST POSTING ON OTHER BLOGS: This is a great way to increase your own visibility and, potentially, raise awareness of your book. Guest posting can increase traffic to your own website or blog, where your new visitors will be exposed to more of your writing – and, of course, information about your book!
  • FACEBOOK: Promote your book on your own Facebook Page and ask you friends to ‘like’ it and leave a review on Amazon. Consider creating a ‘fan’ page specifically linked to your book. Let people know when your book’s going to be available for free and how they can get hold of it – and ask them to review it. Remember to become a ‘fan’ of other writers on Facebook – and they will hopefully return the compliment!
  • TWITTER: Twitter is a fantastic forum from which to promote yourself and your book – but it will be more effective if you resist the temptation to use it as a quick and easy advertising platform.
    • First, find people who are likely to be interested in your book, by searching for those with similar passions.
    • Then promote your book in amongst other relevant, valuable tweets, letting people know when it’s going to be available for free.
    • Search Twitter for free Kindle addresses and send them tweets about your book promotion. Here are a few, but there are tons more if you do a search: @DigitalBkToday; @kindleebooks; @Kindlestuff; @KindleFreeBook; @4FreeKindleBook.
    • Use relevant hashtags to brand your book – for free promotions, use hashtags like #bookgiveaway, #FreeKindleBook,  #freekindle,  #freebook, #free #kindlepromo.
  • PINTEREST: It’s well worth using this up and coming social sharing site to promote your book – it’s much more than pretty pictures and is being used to drive an increasing amount of traffic to websites and blogs. Pinterest has a category for Film, Music and Books and if you do a search you’ll find lots of boards advertising books – including Free eBook promotions. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a post on Pinterest for Authors with some ideas about how you can use Pinterest to plug your book.
  • OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES: Post about your book on other social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Google+. As with Twitter, Facebook and any social media, the more you give the more you’ll get. So be sure to connect with other authors in a supportive way – remember, making friends is how you influence people!
  • YOUTUBE: Create a video as a trailer for your book launch and post it on YouTube – you can then plug this on your blog and elsewhere. One option would be to embed the video in an article on your blog, then promote it via Facebook and other social media. Remember to include a clear ‘call to action’ in your video, providing a link to where people can download your book. You can also upload your video to other sites such as Viddler and Daily Motion – unlike written content, it’s perfectly safe to syndicate videos to multiple sites on the web. Google and the other search engines will not penalize you for this.
  • PARTICIPATE IN ONLINE COMMUNITIES FOR AUTHORS: There are lots of communities, forums and discussion groups for authors you can join and use to promote your books. As with any kind of marketing, the more you give the more you’ll get. It pays to become an active and helpful member of these communities, responding constructively to other people’s posts and giving your fellow authors a helping hand – for example, by reviewing their books. Here are some you should definitely consider joining:
  • TAG YOUR BOOKS ON AMAZON: On your book page on Amazon you can list ‘tags’ – these are keywords that help people find your book. You can use specific ‘freebie’ tags to promote your ‘free’ days: “Kindle free book,” “free ebook” and “Kindle freebie” – but take care not to do this too far in advance of your free promotion, because you risk annoying potential buyers who might see it as misleading. You can also add other tags related to the topic of your book – then go to the Kindle Boards forum and ask other writers to tag your book. This will help to boost your book’s ranking for its genre.
  • PROMOTE YOUR BOOK ON LINK AGGREGATOR SITES SUCH AS REDDIT: These sites can be a bit intimidating because they’re so huge – the trick is to look for the subsection that’s most relevant and submit a link with interesting content and a descriptive title to somewhere people can find information about your book.
  • SUBMIT YOUR BOOK TO THE AddictedToEbooks DATABASE: You must register with the site first, and there are some restrictions – for example, you must have at least five reviews on Amazon’s US website.
  • USE YOUR BOOK TO PROMOTE OTHER TITLES: If your book is one of a series, make sure you use the one that’s on a free promotion to plug the others. I’ve heard that free promotions work very well for books that are part of a sequence, tending to encourage people to buy other books in the series. If you have several titles to promote, you may get better results if you stagger your free promotions.
  • PAID ADVERTISING: It’s worth considering paying to advertise your book on popular review sites such as Pixel of Ink and Kindle Nation Daily – this can significantly boost your downloads during giveaway days – the most popular free books on Amazon have often been promoted by these sites.
  • COUPONS: If you’re making your book available via Smashwords, you can create virtual ‘coupons’ for your books. You can then give these away to people, who can use them to purchase your book on Smashwords. Authors use coupons in lots of different ways – for example, you could do a promotional ‘giveaway’ or ‘competition’ and advertise this on social media sites, forums, blogs etc.

…….And you thought writing your book was the hard part!

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably thinking OMG – where do I start? It’s true that launching and promoting your book will involve some work – but what’s the point in getting it published if it just gathers dust at the back of the shop?

Here’s what you need to do – take a deep breath and…….






  • Sit down and write a plan of action. Decide which strategies you feel most comfortable with – which you think will yield the best returns – and compile a project plan.
  • Decide whether you’re going to offer your book for free – including whether you’re going to sign up for KDP Select.
  • List the blogs and social media sites you need to start connecting with.
  • Register with writers’ forums and discussions boards.
  • Draw up a TIMELINE – particularly if you’re going to offer your book for free on some specific days, some of your critical tasks will be time sensitive, so you need to schedule your promotional activities with that in mind.
  • Remember – a lot of your success will derive from networking, making connections and building relationships.

Knowing how to launch a book effectively is a priceless skill for any self published author – it’s what separates the bestsellers from the also-rans. It might seem like hard work, but if you want your fledgling to turn into an attention-grabbing, high-flying swan, you’ve got to nurture it.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Think about it – you’ve gone to all that trouble to write your book – doesn’t it make sense to do all you possibly can to make it a rip-roaring success?  When you see it riding high in Amazon’s listings and the royalties start pouring in, you’ll know it’s all been worthwhile.

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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    A lot of great info here. I have run several free promos for my authors that have been fairly successful. I have hit high best seller free lists as well as getting on paid best seller after the promo. I was wondering if you had any advice about being featured on these free submission websites. I am sure they are getting thousands of submissions a week so how can you raise the odds they will pick your book?

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    Really useful posting, I had not realised there was so much involved in the marketing aspect of writing but I’m really enjoying doing it. There’s some great pointers in this post!

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    Great Article- however does all this info get into a workable plan?

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      Hello Mae,

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      Or, feel free to surf my site for the many articles on
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    Reply Reply June 16, 2014

    This appears to follow the same strategy as many other gurus promote and still revolves around the KDP free promotion which we are all well aware is nowhere near as successful as it used to be. I would be pleased to see a strategy that lists sites that will promote discounted books to run alongside the Kindle Countdown Deals. However, you have provided all this comprehensive information for free instead of the usual ‘fee’ for experience and for that I thank you

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    I’m interested in what you offer to help my new book and short stories. Any help is always appreciated. Thanks, Mae Schick

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    Sorry. Perhaps you should look into an editor before posting.

    • Brian G. Johnson

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      Thanks for your feedback Jeff, working on spelling and grammar.
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    I am new to marketing a self published book and I found your information useful. Now I have to put it into practice.

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    Dear Brian,

    I want to pay someone to launch my book. Is this a dumb idea?
    Who can you recommend?
    Will I likely get ripped off?

    Sincerely,Robert DeCoudres

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply August 24, 2015

      Hey Robert,

      I do not know of any services to help an author launch a book. In my opinion, the very best way to move forward is to focus on building your own platform over time. I know this is not what you want to do (right now), however it’s something you may want to think about moving forward.


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    I would welcome all and any tips you may have on how to promote and increase the profile of my recently published new thriller ‘The Reckless Ones’ on Amazon KDP to boost sales.
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