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Hello and welcome, Brian G. Johnson here. I'm an engaging speaker, coach, internet entrepreneur and the author of the best selling book Trust Funnel. I'm also the worlds first Poodle Wrangler, dig it. If you're searching for real information based on Incredible Dream Machines, an in-depth review or bonus offer. Then, you'll find what I have laid out for you here, which covers "the opportunity" as well as my exclusive, 1-on-1 coaching bonus offer will be one you simply don't want to miss out on.

Let's jump in, there's much to cover.

I've seen it happen, every now and then over the last dozen or so years online. That is a brand new method, strategy, software app or platform came along and changed the way the game was played. Early adaptors who jumped in and took advantage made out like bandits.

2003 Adsense Frenzy Takes Over The Internet

In 2003, Google opened up contextual advertising which became known as AdSense. It was the first big push into advertising beyond search ads. The basic concept was that people could bid on keywords and many marketers back in the day made some good money until Google stepped in and pulled the rug out on from them, and the hay day was over.

Through this same time period, eBay became a huge contributor to marketers selling information products through the auction site. Though having its beginnings in 1995, through the early to mid 2000s, eBay was a place of rapid growth for online marketers. Again, once the powers that be saw how marketers were making huge profits through the system, they ceased allowing the sale of info products, thus changing the scenery for marketers once again.

2004 SEO to Affiliate Offer

In 2004 online marketers began a huge push in utilizing SEO or search engine optimization for directing links, blogs or other sites to affiliate offers. One technique involves writing product reviews and posting these to a blog and using certain SEO to boost ranks in the search engines so that anyone searching key terms for the product will arrive at the first listings which when done properly would be the review blog posts, thus ensuring the affiliate marketer clicks to the offer and thereby increasing his commissions.

2004 - 2006 The Facebook Ad Platform Takes Off

In 2004, Facebook opened their first ads, but it wasn’t until they opened the doors to everyone that Facebook ads took off in 2006 and beyond. The peak for Facebook ads was between 2009 and 2011 when the marketers at the front of the pack were benefitting the most. Yes, you can still make money with Facebook ads today, but with all the recent changes, you will not be as successful as those who got in at the start.

2006 CPA Offers Offer Tremendous Opportunity

CPA of Cost Per Action became the next new thing in 2006. This is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for each specified action. Once the online sites and affiliate links are established, the marketer would be paid for every action performed by visitors, whether an impression, click, form submittal, double opt-in or sale.

2008 & The Kindle Publishing Opportunity Wave

By 2008, the next wave for marketers arrived with the Amazon Kindle publishing opportunity. No longer were ebooks in and of themselves the best option for building a sustainable customer base simply from your website. With Amazon, you have access to worldwide customers, and by utilizing the Kindle format and publishing books through that, your potential for reaching an ever-expanding audience was huge!

The trick with Kindle publishing was not just in getting your book in the best selling category, but also in placing strategic links within your book to get customers to click to further actions or offers to add to your bottom line.

2009 YouTube Introduces It's Ad Platform

In 2009, YouTube advertising was the new kid on the block, and a lot of marketers flocked to take advantage of the new platform to make their mark and pad their bank accounts. There is still a lot of money to be made with YouTube advertising, but again, the wave has crested.

Following YouTube, many marketers began finding ways to game the Kindle publishing platform and create a roundabout way of advertising via free or low cost Kindle books. This wave hit between 2011 and 2013. Kindle is still a viable platform, but it has become as saturated as all the others

2010 Early Adaptors Jump On The FBA Amazon Opportunity

By 2010, Amazon became the next opportunity platform with their FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon program. Similar to eBay back in the day, FBA allows you to sell either your own products or those of clients where you can list your offers at the best pricing model and cash in, letting Amazon do all the heavy lifting. There are a variety of ways to work this program to your benefit, but that is not the focus for this article.

2011 & 2012 FB & Teeshirts! Ka BOOM!

I talked about Facebook previously, but once the Ads profiting began to lose its luster, another opportunity arose through Facebook in 2011 with the T-Shirt phenomenon. You may have heard of Teespring or other companies. This does involve working with Facebook ads, but you can also post items within your newsfeed as a marketer to achieve similar results, though the ads will give you a broader reach to an audience.

Basically you can create any design you like, target the audience with the ad, and things can get viral very quickly as people jump on a limited edition t-shirt to grab one before they sell out.

Are you beginning to see the trend here my friend?

Savvy marketers are always on the lookout for the latest and trends and opportunities, getting in early is better than getting in later.

No. Matter. What.

So let me provide some light and inspiration for you. Have you ever wanted to be one of the few who gets in on an opportunity when it is relatively new for your business and marketing, and make your mark, while the others will be waiting and once they follow your lead, will only grab the pieces that are left?

Now’s your time. If you are ready to jump in and learn how this will be effective for you as well as lucrative. Open your mind and I will show you what is working now, and will become the next big thing that the wannabe marketers flock to…

Incredible Dream Machines - AKA Crowd Funding Done Differently

Right now, as you read this. A very small group of savvy marketers are playing the crowd funding game in an ENTIRELY different way. I stumbled into this new "crowd funding done differently" opportunity in early August of this year and I was blown away.

True Story.

First of all, when you hear the term crowd funding, what comes to mind? Some inventor looking to get money to start production of his dream product, idea, or what have you? Someone looking to finance an event or gift for someone? 

Those thoughts and others are what some people use crowd funding for. However, I am about to show you that crowd funding is now being successfully leveraged to fund marketing of products without you even having to create the products! The process is straight forward and simple. Source product, launch marketing campaign and profit (big time).

It’s true. Before I go further into how this works, let’s take a look at some examples.

The first one to really showcase the viability of crowd funding a sourced product is the Wave ebike. Billed as the world's “fastest and most affordable electric bike ever” on its Indiegogo page, it was set up as a crowd funding project.

The interesting thing about this electric bike crowd funding campaign is that it is unlike the “typical” crowd funding offers you hear about.

This electric bike priced at $599 raised over $900K on
Billed as the fastest and most affordable electric bike.

The interesting twist is that this person did not invent the bike at all. He grabbed one from, made his marketing page on indiegogo, and cashed in!

This new method is not about inventing and not about working hard. It’s about working smart, and implementing strategic marketing. It’s about cashing in on a huge wave that is available right now.

You can do this as well. All it takes is some niche research, sourcing a product from China, add in your marketing and magic to a crowdfunding campaign and win big on the funding.

Incredible Dream Machines Review


You can check the offer for this ebike here:

Another electric bike crowd funding offer is the Sondors bike:

What is happening is a ripe opportunity to utilize crowd funding sites like indiegogo, kickstarter, and others to get supporters to pay for a physical product you won’t even have to produce. Rather, you can source the product and be a middle man by setting up the crowd fund campaign, get investors signing up to support you, and then deliver the product from a company in China.

The example of the electric bike is a terrific one, because you can easily source these from companies like Alibaba and others in China.

Check out this link for one electric bike from Alibaba:

These bikes are a hot commodity because so many people want an energy efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. By utilizing this model, you can source your product from China, and post your campaign, deliver your product as soon as you make your order quota.

Incredible Dream Machine Opportunity Review #2


Let’s look at another example: The Quickey multi-tool opener.

Billed for us as box opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, tag popper, coupon clipper, staple remover, foil breaker, rope saw, pill splitter, and more.

This campaign raised over $223K.

Here is the indiegogo link:


Next we have Dot, the world's smallest bluetooth earpiece. To date this campaign has raised over $272K, and is sourced from global sources.

The goal for this campaign was $30,000. They netted $272,317 in ONE MONTH! And the number of people supporting this was 2,712. That’s an average of $100 per person. Not bad!

Check the story here:

The next item is proof that novelty items can sell well and bring a lot of money through indiegogo campaigns. Would you wear headphones that look like cat ears? Well, this set garnered over $3.4 Million!

Check the story here:

Are you beginning to see the potential of this opportunity? This is a very lucrative opportunity, NOT JUST for inventors. You can leverage the power of a new platform, just as it happened with apps, kindle, affiliate marketing, and more.

Done properly, the marketers that jump in ahead of the wave this year and into the new year are going to profit greatly, especially if they do their homework and set everything up properly. There isn’t much needed to set things up with one of the China sourcing companies. You find a hot item that people are looking for, set up your crowd funding campaign, get investors to pay for your product, and then you deliver!

There are some key strategies to doing this right, so you’ll have to let me share those with you soon. I for one am excited about this new marketing opportunity because it does not require you to have a huge cash outlay up front, nor do you have to stockpile supplies of a product to make this profitable! What could be better?

All it takes is an email to China, launch your crowd funding campaign and profit. You don’t even need any inventory. You don’t need manufacturing experience or expertise. You simply direct source the product, add the magic and then you will see success.

You won’t have to figure out the proper things to do by yourself. My friend Greg Jacobs will soon provide the opportunity to learn from him as he has studied and tested the methods to ensure success at every level.

Meet Greg Jacobs

For now, I’d like to introduce Greg, who is the mastermind behind this new marketing technique. It is set to be hugely profitable to the right people who get involved right away.

Greg Jacobs is an underground marketer living in Thailand who most mainstream marketers who you hear about in all the circles don’t even know about. Yet, he’s been perhaps the most successful in launching key platforms and products in the early stages of key online technology and other platforms.

He has been doing online marketing since 2007 starting with Adsense before moving to eBay, then on to mobile apps, then on to Amazon, and now Crowdfunding.

So he has a way of following the latest trends in the industry and finding throw hanging fruit.
He knows the process to a tee. Every one of these low hanging fruit high profit businesses still make people a lot of money. But after a few years of being in the public realm, it becomes a lot harder to break into these blue ocean industries.

So now the blue ocean is Crowdfunding and Greg Jacobs is one of the world's most in demand Crowdfunding consultants and has recently come off a campaign that raised 500k.

So what he is here today to teach you is that Crowdfunding is not just for inventors but for everybody

Back when WordPress was starting to be the platform of choice for everyone online, whether for websites, blogs, etc., Greg released his WP Mage which revolutionized the WordPress platform work in marketing circles. 

More recently he opened up his SkyBuilder mobile app platform which allows you to create a profitable mobile app in as little as 10 minutes!

Greg is miles ahead of the rest of us in digging into the nuts and bolts of what is on the cutting edge, finding methods to make things work more efficiently, market them properly and make others successful as he does his magic.

Some of the most important advice Greg has given me is to look at how methods are used, where the audience is shifting, and notice when systems that may have worked for even a couple of years start to wane. It is critical to be ready to adapt and then act once you observe the changes afoot. To stick with what worked yesterday will doom your business and sales.

So, as this new opportunity with crowd funding is just beginning to make waves with marketers, now is the time to jump in and understand how it works, put it to your advantage and move ahead of the pack. Incredible dream review and dream bonus offer.

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Brian G. Johnson
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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  • Mitzi Reed

    Reply Reply October 1, 2015

    Lost money with Greg Jacobs on Mage…..big disappointment. Doesn’t support his products very well. I’m staying away.

    Side note…..Brian out of all the products I have purchased….you are the only one that supports your Pushbutton SEO, Halloween Super Affiliate…etc.

    The rest of helpful IM products are all just a shiny new toy…….here today gone tomorrow.

    Currently, I’m working very hard with 100K Factory. Finally have made a little money with Adsense for the 1st time……(This is it!…no more shiny new toys if I don’t achieve my goals with 100K & Trust Funnel.)

    Brian,you are on my list as having integrity & honesty.

    P.S. I wouldn’t associate with Greg at all.

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply October 26, 2015


      Glad you have found my training and content to be of help.
      Keep pushing, if it were easy …

      Well, everyone would be making all kinds of money.
      More good stuff coming.



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