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Just weeks ago Google released yet another update that sent thousands and thousands of websites crashing and burning, what was quite interesting with this last update is that many of the sites that Google canned were solid, well built sites that offered value.

I can attest to this myself, one of my authority sites took a hit and lots a fair amount of Google search traffic, this site is about a year and a half old and has hundreds of high quality unique articles, videos and images on the subject it hand. People like it as well, I know this based on the number of Facebook “likes”  … 40 to the homepage alone. However, I have some plans for the site and am confident it will return to previous traffic levels in the weeks and months to follow, however that is another blog post.

As often happens with Google updates, this sent many of my students into panic and fear mode, it is to be expected really. After all these are people that are brand new to the idea of “marketing online” and are looking for valid methods that can be leverage to make money online. With that in mind, I wanted to share yet one more guest blog post based on the success of one of my students Art Saborio who successfully launched a website that has earned as much as $2,000 in a signal month (based on the strategies taught in 300) and is currently on track to to make well over 5k this very month.

Over the weekend Art sent me several emails and mentioned:

“This month I am on track to make 5K for the month. Although Google took out one of my sites, they did not harm my sites. I am making double what I made in 2011. Last month I netted over $2000.00 for the month. On top of that I am doing a few other things. I am big on diversifying. I have an offline business and also a few other business I run beside affiliate marketing. Go big or go home…. Right?”

So before I turn this post over to Art, I want to mention several factors that I feel are pretty darn important.

1) I teach people how to launch websites and leverage SEO, four years ago my courses focused on 100%
(or darn near) how to drive free SEO traffic from Google and other leading SE and that was about it. However, over the years I have begun to incorporate new traffic strategies to reinforce and solidify ones online business.

  • Free Traffic From YouTube
    I have driven well over one million video views and more important. Video has had a HUGE IMPACT on not only my success but also just how much money I have made online. I began teaching ideas about video marketing and youtube years ago with the release of Commission Ritual.Today anyone NOT doing video is missing a HUGE opportunity.
  • Free Traffic From Links on Other Websites
    Everyone talks about links and how links are important when it comes to boosting SE rankings, however another awesome by product from linking is the traffic that it can generate and when you building links on quality sites with similar content, the traffic can be substantial.
  • Free Traffic From Video Marketing
    Similar to the YouTube stuff, post videos to other video sharing sites, make use of video sitemaps and syndicate your content, it all ads up to more traffic that can and will have an impact on your success online.
  • Free Traffic From The List That You Build
    With my 300 Internet Marketers courseI really stress the importance of two things, choosing the right niche (one that is a money maker and suitable for list building) and building a list the right way. Think adding value, and forming a relationship with your audience or subscribers.Having a list can insulate you from the bumps that you will experience as a successful internet marketer, build a list … build a list … building a list.
  • Free Traffic From Image Search
    Understand this, just because Google kicks you off page one form the main SERP’s does not mean you will not get any additional traffic from Google. Images can be a tremendous source of traffic, I can guarantee that lots of site owners are making a pretty penny because of images that are listed in Google’s image search.Several years ago in October just one website of mine did well over 100,000 unique visitors for people looking for a visual product, costumes.
  • Free Traffic From Feeder Sites
    Traffic from Squido, Hubpages, Blogger sites and more.
  • Free Traffic From Facebook Pages
    This is something that has been working for me in 2012 and I am excited to see just how far I can push Facebook in the weeks and months to follow.
  • Free Traffic From Google+
    Another big social media site, Google+ offers savvy marketers all kinds of benefits such as enhanced search listing with Google Authorship and the ability to email those in your circles (think list building for free).
  • & Kindle Publishing
    Publish a book and list your website within the book for yet one more traffic source, I will also mention that this traffic source is kind of special as it’s based on a buyer search engine.

Success without Google – Case N’ Point ….

Above: Affiliate commission for $100 with no website, traffic and conversion from YouTube!

Here’s the bottom line:

Your website is the center point or hub that all your marketing efforts and strategies that you leverage, if you offer something of value and you give your visitors the very thing(s) that they are wanting and searching for you will win, with or without Google.

Leverage social media, videos, your list, images, feeder sites and more to establish traffic and Google will simply be one more traffic source amount many that you leverage.

Here’s Art ….

 Is it possible to make money online without Google?

Success Internet Marketing - What? No Laptop Art?

What? No Laptop Art?


It all dependents on how you go about growing your business. About 44 years ago, I started to collect comic books with my Dad. I saved them and still have them. I own over three hundred of them and a few of them date back to 1968. My Dad passed away a while back and it took me many years to consider selling my comic book collection and moving past old memories. Yet I realized that when I detached myself from what was right in front of me, I was able to see the situation differently.

If I sold my comic book collection, I would not be selling my memories. Those would always stay with me forever. All I was doing was selling something that still had a lot of emotional value to me, but would be better served with someone who could actual enjoy the collection. The collection could live on and create more great memories, than sitting in my garage double sealed in plastic comic book bags and airtight containers. My time with the collection needed to come to an end so it could bring enjoyment to some other family.

The concept of what my comic book collection stood for would not change. It is only the people who are enjoying the collection who would change. In business this is also true. Brian is a great teacher. He teaches concepts and results that come through preforming certain techniques. The techniques work and people make money. Yet the marketing concepts are as old as mud. The concepts worked in the 1800’s just like they do now. And it is in that separation between conceptual understanding and techniques is where I and others have made a lot of money even without Google.

Instead of running away from the Panda, Penguin, Donkey, Chipmunk or any other creative algorithm branding Google comes up with, you can leverage Google, but at the same time ensure your success without Google. It is not hard to do when you first master the marketing concepts Brian is helping you understand and use.

It took me a little over a year to study under Brian and learn the foundation of marketing. And for those that want to take a shortcut, you will only find failure down that path.

How do I know this?

Because all those years ago when I first purchased Brian’s Commission Ritual I did not follow the techniques nor did I learn the foundation fully, I wanted to make money fast and failed.

It takes a serious commitment to succeed. And I knew that after my failures it was time to settle down and build a real business. I liked what I learned in Commission Ritual. Some say that Commission Ritual is outdated and I beg to differ. I agree that the techniques are outdated, but not the marketing concepts.

You can still find the same powerful marketing concepts that you will find in all of Brian’s products. What we pay for is not new concepts but the techniques to generate money in a market that is ever changing. To stay current with marketing trends you need to find a real expert, learn and never stop learning. A good forecaster is like gold for any business. It is no different in the online marketing world. Forecasting is forecasting and when you find a good one you stick to that person like glue.

So in 2009-2010 I sat down and started to look at where I want to be in five years. I looked at what I want to do with my life and how much money I needed to make to meet my goals. I have the same goals that I did in 2010.

1.    Freedom

2.    Enjoyment in life

3.    Care for my family

I consulted a friend who writes business plans and he helped me create mine. One of my business objectives was to find a mentor who I trusted and believed who could help me reach my personal goals in life and in business. This is an important concept that I believe in whole-heartedly. A person needs to align themselves with someone they can trust with all your heart and soul. It needs to be someone who can help a person reach both life and business goals. Happiness does not come from making a lot of money. All it does is make life more comfortable. A person needs to focus on both business and life to be successful.

From 2009 to 2010 I made about $500 in the last quarter of 2010.

Others made 20K – 30K, but for me making five hundred dollars made me feel great. Everyone moves forward in their own time and at their own pace. Many may take a few years to reach job ending income, while others take half that time. Yet if a person is patient, they will get to where they want to be. A terrible thing to do is to focus on other people’s successes. Focus on your own goals within your own business plan and you will guarantee your own success at your own pace.

After making five hundred dollars, I fired off a letter to Brian. I sent it to his office address. I wanted to thank him and to do my best to let him know I was serious and wanted to be his student. To me Brian had ROCKSTAR status. He was making a boatload of money, was hobnobbing with all the top marketers and probably did not have time to read a simple letter from some guy he knew nothing about. Yet I was confident his assistant would read it and would most likely give me some insight to when the next training session would begin.

But to my surprise, instead of getting a generic email back from Brian’s assistant, I got a phone call from Mr. Johnson himself. It lasted about 30 minutes and he asked me a lot of questions about my goals and why I did not join his Halloween Super Affiliate One-on-One Coaching Program?

You see I had bought the regular course without the one-on-one coaching.

I was very honest with Brian and told him I did not think I was ready back then for a one-on-one coaching program. I didn’t have my goals set and I did not have a clear direction on where I wanted to be in life. Yet at the time of the phone call, times had changed for me and I was ready for anything new that Brian had to offer and I let him know about my dedication, planning etc.

He told me he would be in touch and needed to jump off the call because he need to touch base with his new star student Mario and yes it is the same Mario who patrols the forum and takes no prisoners!

In 2011 I joined the original 300 Internet Marketer’s Coaching Course. It reinforced the concepts I learned over the years being a student of Brian and it helped me to implemented new marketing techniques. I made quite a bit of money with those techniques. I also joined Aidan’s program to compare and see if there was anything new I could learn, but to be honest the only success I had was with Brian. I did make money with Aidan but not at the same amounts as I did with Brian.

I asked myself why this was the case. Aidan was trust partner of Brian, but for some reason I did not have the same success as I did with 300 Internet Marketer’s and I chalk it up to one thing and one thing only. It is something that I teach in my videos and I will reinforce this concept here in this article. When words are placed on a piece of paper, something powerful happens. It becomes a reality in your brain, heart and soul. You manifest your own destiny by what is on that piece of paper.

When I put down in words Brian G. Johnson as the person who I believed could get me to where I wanted to be in life and in my business goals, going against that proved to be difficult. I am not saying that a person can’t change and update their business plan to incorporate other mentors, but in my case I did not do that and the results were mediocre. A business plan is the most important part of your business. It will make or break your efforts.

With 300 Internet Marketers I built a huge monster site full of WordPress concepts, video marketing and a ton of other stuff.

I had built a $2000 dollar a month business around this one website.

Brian always talks about going BIG, so I went big.

I diversified my traffic footprint. I spent about 80% using recommended back linking service techniques like Blogging Underground and SEO Blueprint along with other more natural linking techniques.

It was a fun ride.

Then… along came Google Panda and Penguin.

Too many, this was the end of online marketing, but in my eyes is was just a simple change in the market. I think people went a little overboard in their focus on Google. Remember I talked about techniques and concepts? The techniques are changing and this was no surprise; Brian had been talking about this for a long time.

He is a forecaster and a damn good one! For some of us, we like to milk the cow until it runs dry before moving on. For me I was still milking this same cow with Blogging Underground and SEO Blueprint, but also creating a more natural footprint. My newer websites built on the new techniques took no hit, but the larger authority site did take a traffic hit, but it was an expect one. What transpired was interesting.

The penguin update should have killed my website right? It was using Blogging Underground and SEO Blueprint and it should be nowhere to be seen on the Google index. And for the most part that is true. Google did slap my website and it got slapped hard, but I am still on track to make more money this month than last month. Why….??

It is because the concept did not go away just the technique. I built an authority site and people link to the website and come to visit the site without the help of Google. Even Google analytics does not show all the traffic sources I am using. Google does not recognize a lot of the java scripting techniques, HTML5, Python and other scripting languages that can be used to make some kickass sites. I can literally make a page that Google cannot understand, track nor index. This is the main reason why you will hear Brian talk about using WordPress and sticking with the program, because you can literally make yourself invisible to Google if you don’t follow directions.

In beginning it is good to leverage the power of Google. It is a great tool to get your business up and moving fast. It is great way to learn the concepts that Brian teaches and it is a great way to make tons of money. So stay focused until you have mastered Brian’s concepts. It is critical to your success. Brian’s concepts and forecasting was and still critical to my success. Success does not mean you abandon your mentor, it means you enjoy the success and keep on learning.

The Panda and Penguin update only strengthened my belief in Brian that marketing concepts are not determined by market changes. I built the site as a destination, authority website. I did not care about how much traffic a keyword was generating. I only did my best to ensure I was providing content that people wanted to read. I was hard hitting and I held nothing back. I did not care if Google liked what I was doing or not. All I cared about was my visitors and providing quality content. I was building an asset that I could keep, sell or do whatever I want with it. I ensured my success belonged to me and not to Google.

Websites still naturally link to me and it helps my PR. Although rankings are not important, link ad companies still promote it as a viable way to boost a page position. So they go out and search for websites that have a high PR and sell that leverage to their clients. So I get a lot of ad companies coming to me wanting to pay for a spot on one of my posts. I have over 230 posts and 50 pages, so there is room to accommodate the requests. This business comes to me, instead of me going to them. It is just one of the ways I make money that is not tied to Google.

If you are curious about the website, it is It is over a year old now and still there doing what it does best, making me money.

One thing I started to work recently is writing books. It was something Brian had talked about as a way to avoid Google all together. So I started to write and to my surprise I really enjoyed writing. I am averaging over a hundred dollars a month on royalties. And I am going to continue down this path to build more residual income from Amazon. I also decided to create a website around that concept. is a site I created to house my books, promote them and also to help others publish books online. It is a work in progress and something that I am passionate about.

As you can see Google is not the end, it is a beginning. It is a tool that is taught by Brian along with the marketing conceptual foundation that often times guarantees success. If you look deeper beyond the techniques, you will learn marketing concepts that some people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for through the Harvard School of Business. And you know what? The concepts Brian teaches are a whole lot more powerful that anything you can learn in a University because it is taught by someone who is doing it day in and day out.

Today I am on track to make $140,000 in 2012. I have used Brian’s concepts to build online businesses, an offline business and also to plan and build my newest business ventures for 2013. Not bad for someone who started out in 2009 with zero marketing knowledge and a dedication to learn through a $77 Brian G. Johnson product. I might not have jumped on the “job ending income bandwagon” as quickly as others, but persistence does pay off and I plan to be 100% off the corporate payroll very soon.

This is what Brian has done for me and I will always feel blessed and grateful for finding Brian all those years ago…

Art Saborio

Brian G. Johnson
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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  • richescorner

    Reply Reply May 14, 2012

    This is awesome, Art. I also think that google is not the end all be all of online marketing. There’s tons of ways to promote and market a website. However, google does help. I think of these changes as an opportunity to branch out and practice new techniques.

  • artsaborio

    Reply Reply May 18, 2012

    Absolutely….There is tons of ways to make money. Once the foundation of marketing is mastered, the rest just falls in line. I love the business and the challenges are just part of doing business. It is interesting to see Google redesign itself. I kind of have an idea of where Google is going and it will only make the stuff that Brian teaches all that much more powerful.

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