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This blog post is based on the exact marketing strategy that I am currently implementing in own business. If you are looking for real methods that real people are taking to move forward and succeed online, congratulations, you have found it.

Continue reading to learn why I am so dam excited about next week and about how you can leverage Kindle Publishing … even if you hate writing.

From: Brian G. Johnson

Back in January I sent out some emails and a few video blogs about my own personal marketing and why I was so fired up about Kindle, at that time, the idea of cashing in with ebooks on the Kindle platform was not a new idea. James Jones had been sharing his own excitement about Kindle for several years, however by January I sent up the white flag of surrender and gave into the idea.

What really moved me was sheer numbers of tablet users and the coverage outside of internet marketing, the kindle was beginning to hit critical mass. One staggering fact I mentioned was that the U.S. tablet market share had effectively doubled in 30 days. In December of 2011, 15% of US adults owned a tablet computer, however after the holiday’s that number grew to 29%.

By January 15th of this year, one in three US residents owned a tablet device and these are folks with credit cards who would be purchasing lots and lots of ebooks for their ipads, nook’s and of course kindle tablets.

But that was just one of the reasons why Kindle publishing looks so enticing to me.

Enter, Revenge of the Affiliate

Having been a full time internet marketer since 2003, I have levered just about every monetization method available, I have sold other people’s products as an affiliate. I have created my own products and sold those with success and I have earned well over $130,000.00 in the AdSense program.

All  of the methods for cashing in had lots of solid benefits, AdSense was super simple and could be added to nearly any site, covering any topic and over time my income from the Adsense program grew and grew. It was the perfect formula for making money years ago when I was starting out – simplicity won the day with Adsense.

Until they kicked me out.

Selling my own products has been a huge success and it’s a model that I will continue with, I love the idea of sharing my marketing methods and tactics with others and I get a lot of satisfaction out of watching achieve success based on the methods I have taught.

However, selling your own products presents a lot of issues that need to be tended to, such as customer support, driving enough traffic to make sales, forming successful jv partnerships, accepting payment and more. Selling your own products can be very lucrative, however it is not really residual as it takes constant work to maintain.

Affiliate marketing was the first method of making money that I began to focus on years ago, before I got started, I very much studied various methods and it really made sense.

  • I didn’t have to have a product to sell.
  • I didn’t have to worry about customer support.
  • I didn’t  have to work any type of regular hours or be tied to any one product.

In my humble opinion, affiliate marketing is one of the best way’s to get started in internet marketing for the reasons listed above. Affiliate marketing allows you to focus 100% on the most important aspect of finding success online and that is …


Far too many people focus on “non marketing” stuff like website design, visual ascetics, learning code, setting up servers and all this other garbage that actually separates them from the money they are so desperate to make.

When done right, affiliate marketing allows people to bypass much of that hassle and focus on the marketing, that’s why it’s called Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

However, like everything in life, affiliate marketing is not perfect and as it turns out, Google is not too fond of the whole idea, here is what Google mentions about affiliate marketing on their webmaster guidelines.


Google Webmaster Guidelines - Affiliate Programs

Unfortunately, I have had a number of high quality, 100% unique, written by my own hand websites that people loved that got slapped and deindexed, one day a site is making around $1,000 a month and the next, it’s game over.

Turns out affiliate marketing just like Adsense and product creation has it’s negatives, you see I have no problem at all creating sites that drive traffic from the search engines. However, if I am not selling product as an affiliate then I am monetizing with Adsense and both of these methods have the liabilities I have mentioned above.

Exactly Why I Am Moving Forward with Kindle

With kindle self publishing I can continue to do what I do best and that is create high ranking, quality websites that people love and I can monetize that traffic with my own products, however I don’t have to worry about the negative aspects of selling my own products like I have in the past.

  • Amazon takes care of customer service
  • Amazon takes care of accepting payment
  • Amazon takes care of the technical details like
    shopping carts and product fulfillment

It get’s even better, no need to use affiliate links to promote products, I can link straight to the product page at and I am set. Furthermore, being a published author lends credibility to the various sites I create to drive traffic, now I know some of you may think … well your only self punished.

To that I say tom foolery …many people will see my book and think “expert” and If you think I am wrong …well, I guess time will tell  😉

Lastly, getting a book in Amazon is another source of traffic, more traffic .. more money  😉

But Brian, How To Write A Kindle Book?

That’s the one nagging or stopping point for far too many people, lots of you have emailed me asking for a simple solution for creating your own kindle ebook to sell.

The thought of writing articles on a website is too much for lots of folks and the idea of writing a book ….

for geta baut it … (to be said with east coast gangster slang)

That brings me to a new product by James Jones and Rachel Rofe called:

Outsource A Kindle Book

James Jones is the guy that has kept the thought of Kindle marketing in the back of my mind for well over two years and he has released some amazing kindle publishing products that have provided a road map for many. I first met Rachel Rofe about two years when I joined a master mind that you may or may not have heard about, practical profits.

I soon began to hear Rachel mention outsourcing on several occasions, it’s a huge part of her business with Dennis Becker and that’s why I am excited to share the news about this new product with you.

Best part is that it is currently only seven bucks, however the price is increasing On April 19th at midnight.

Outsource A Kindle Book Bonus

As mentioned, this is something I am personally doing, in fact. Over the past few weeks my assistant has been hard at work and were getting close on finishing up our second book now. I have asked James Jones to walk me thought the very best way to get your book listed in Amazon and how to “upload” it for higher rankings.

I will be meeting next week with James and will be recording this session, now I can’t give you the recording as I am NOT planning on revealing my niche market and book(s).

However – The Good News

I will be creating a detailed report based on this meeting and when you buy outsource a kindle book with me by clicking this affiliate link (FTC Disclaimer) I will gladly send you that detailed report.

How To Access Your Bonus:

Purchase with this affiliate link, then forward your reciept to my fabulous assistant Hanna at:

commissionritualsupport [at]

Mention the bonus and we will send you the report, please allow seven to ten days.

Understand that we first need to meet (James and I) and then we need to have the report created.


P. S.

I really hope you jump in and take advantage of this opportunity, lots of people are cashing in with Kindle publishing and there is no reason why you can’t get your share.

Take action now!

P. S. S.

I continue to update you on my progress as a Kindle Author and publisher, I am really excited to get my book in the Kindle Store in the coming days!

Brian G. Johnson
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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  • Hi Brian
    You know Im in the Kindle market and would love to get your bonus – but Ive already purchased the Outsourcing unit (:
    I love all your training and so Im keen to see what you come up with …. and
    Can you come up with some way of looking after your students like me in this instance please?

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply April 25, 2012

      I am sure we can figure something out …
      Just drop me a note on the forum in a week or so, by then I hope to have the report finished.

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