Why The JV ZOO Affiliate Platform Matters: Clickbank, You’re Fired


Is the JV ZOO Affiliate platform the right choice for your next launch or internet marketing purchase, by the end of this blog post I hope to share with you why you should consider moving you’re business over to the zoo (if you’re a product vendor) as I did in the spring of 2013.

Early Day’s

In 2011 E Brian Rose partnered with Bryan Zimmerman and Chad Casselman and launched two web properties, the first was webinar swaps which allowed product vendors to set up webinars for affiliate partners to promote and generate commissions from. Later they developed JV ZOO, the goal was to create an affiliate network that allowed vendors to easily promote their products via affiliates by leveraging PayPal as the payment gateway.

JV Zoo vs Clickbank vs Digiresults

clickbank-jv-zooAround this time I was busy working on what would be sixth product launch, a high priced coaching program called 300 Internet Marketers. For years I had relied on and enjoyed running my business via Clickbank, the platform allowed me to easily launch products and not worry about technical headaches, accepting payments and paying affiliates, it was a massive time saver.

While some would argue that the rates were high (6% I believe is the vendor fee) and I certainly would not ague that fact. However, at the same time, by using Clickbank I saved a ton of time and in the end it was a simple solution that worked well. Though the years I had driven hundreds of thousands of dollars through Clickbank and was a member of the Clickbank Premier program for three years running.

By this time however the FTC began to crack down on online merchants and as the FTC pressed Clickbank, Clickbank in return began to scrutinize vendors, sales pages and use of testimonials. I welcomed this change and had NEVER had any issue with getting approval, my sales messages have always been fact based and the refund and chargeback rates have maintained an industry low.

The Beginning of the End – Clickbank Risk Management

However, as time passed Clickbank continued to imposed rigid standards for not only vendors but soon affiliates with their introduction of risk tiered management, with these changes I saw many accounts that had great refund and chargeback rates drop below average. Just months earlier I was a star vendor and affiliate with excellent stats to back it up, however with the new system in place I saw I was in jeopardy.

Other issues that I had always faced, but looked away due to the ease of use was getting approval for higher priced products, this was never an issue for me and in 2010 I launch a mid tier coaching program called Halloween Super Affiliate and sold well over 500 students at $497. My fund rate was low and everyone made a bunch of money, including me, Clickbank (vendor fee’s) affiliate and customers.

In 2011 as I prepared to launch my first $997 coaching program I spoke with my Clickbank rep a number of times and he mentioned that he saw “no issue” with getting approval at $997. However, time passed and I waited and waited for approval, when I had finally heard back I was already in prelaunch with affiliates sending traffic on the assumption that they were promoting a $997 coaching offer.

In the end Clickbank did not approve the price point and I had to restructure my offer days prior to launch.

Not good, not good at all.

Not One To Give Up ….

In 2013 I began to prepare for what would be my first Kindle coaching offer and had submitted approval to Clickbank. At the same time I began speaking with JV Zoo founder Bryan Zimmerman and the experience was nothing short of amazing. I got approved for a price point that allows me to run my business how I wish and Bryan also took the time to answer questions that I may have about the platform.

In short order I found using the JV Zoo system quick and easy, it allows me to set up tiered funnels with multiple upsells and downsells, recurring monthly optins and more. It also makes affiliate payments quick and easy and allowing me to focus on what’s most important. Namely my customers, product offers, sales videos and more.

JV Zoo also offers integration with mailing lists providers such as aweber and getresponse and recently they also integrated with the GoToMeeting API allowing vendors to sign customers up for training or sales webinars automatically. Other helpful features include, automated leaderboards (for product launches) ready made buy buttons and instant sales page creation for those just getting started with selling their own products.

JV Zoo Product of the Day & Additional Perks That Matter

Another powerful feature for vendors is what is known as the JV Zoo product of the day, where the guys at the ZOO pick a product to promote to the entire JV Zoo customer base, of course getting the daily pick can drive additional sales, earnings and can grow your customer base.

JV ZOO was started by three ambitious, smart internet marketers who comes from small beginnings, these guys created a service that truly matters and it’s growing like gangbusters. Support these guys and they in turn can support you just the same. As I write this message the fist JV Zoo event, Marketing Mayhem is less than 24 hours away. Over the next few day’s hundreds of internet marketers will descend down on Orlando Florida for four days of networking, education and of course some fun parties.

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JV Zoo is simple, easy and it works if you're a product vendor ... check them out.


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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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