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This is a get more money Kindle blog post that you’re going to want to check out.

Here’s why …

Imagine being able to take your Kindle marketing to the next level with little to no extra effort, it’s not only EASY but very possible when you know ….

How, Who and Why ….

What if it only took you FIVE MINUTES to:

  • Have you’re book promoted via Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads & More.
  • Have complete Kindle research done (keywords, categories, ect).
  • Get a 500 to 750 word children’s book, poem or report written.
  • Get your book professionally edited.
  • Get an awesome cover created.
  • Get quality cartoon illustrations created just for your book.

Doing so would allow you to scale your business, which will generate more results for you, really – that’s exactly what I do.

Push Past Roadblocks >> Get Results (SOONER)

Maybe something is holding you back a bit, maybe it’s the research, writing, sourcing images, promotion,
formatting or cover creation.

And if that’s the case, then you need to get past it and quick, otherwise you’ll be stuck going no where.

And that plain sucks – period, end of story.

Heck, maybe it’s SIMPLY a matter of not having enough TIME to do so much stuff.

But …

Here’s the good news, creating simple little books that pull in big prof1ts is really easy once
you begin to leverage others.

++  True Story  ++

Just this morning I hired an outsourcing team to create a bunch of screen capture images for a book
I will be releasing soon.

That allows me to:

– Relax and have fun.
– Or release more books and make more green backs.

Here’s how you can do the same.

Just minutes ago a detailed report with a bonus from myself was released and it’s all about …


How to outsource on a dime!

Now I’ve gone through this report and it’s solid, in fact .. I think it’s good enough (especially for the price) that
I wanted to email you about it.

Special bonus for you.

A transcription of a a private call with myself and Tim Castleman is included, in this call Tim interviewed me
about getting results with Kindle.

Click here and access you’re Kindle outsourcing guide:

Your bonus will be included in the product download  😉

Theirs a ton you can do with outsourcing and Kindle to push your results to the next

If something is slowing you down, use this report to find the folks that will do
it for you.


Brian G. Johnson
People DO NOT fail at internet marketing,
they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.

Brian G. Johnson
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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  • Shane

    Reply Reply August 10, 2013

    Nice post, and nice timing dude. I was just thinking Kindle yesterday. I’ve plenty of content to make it happen, I just didn’t want to spend a boat load of hours a day compiling it and re-writing it right now. I’ll check it out. Cheers!

  • Diane

    Reply Reply August 12, 2013


    Would you care to share an estimate of what it costs to outsource a kindle book using the KD Outsource system? Just an average? I am a hardworking mom that has to count her pennies:)


    • Brian Johnson

      Reply Reply August 13, 2013

      Hello Diane,

      I would estimate anywhere from $25 to $50 for a children’s book.



      • Diane

        Reply Reply August 13, 2013

        Thanks, that’s good to know!

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