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Fact: 29 percent of American adults now own a tablet device and are creating the next wave of opportunity for action takers.

Here is YOUR chance to ride the next BIG THING, a legitimate marketing strategy that can propel your online success in 2012, I’m doing it and I think you should too.


Stop, Relax and Take In This
Game Changing  Information About Kindle Triangulation & Self Publishing


After 12 years of successful internet marketing, few thing get me excited, however self publishing and particularly the Kindle has had my blood bubbling for a while now, here’s why.

Turn Up Your Speakers!

Update: Kindle Triangulation Price Has Been Increased to $97

Kindle Triangulation & Self Publishing=Massive Opportunity

Kindle Triangulation & Self Publishing = Massive Opportunity

The facts are plain as day, internet marketing continues to get more elusive for so many, with slap after slap being handed down from Google, algorithm updates that send traffic plummeting and paid advertising solutions that are simply out of reach for average marketers.

It is no wonder that so few succeed when it comes to internet marketing, however savvy marketers understand that it is imperative to take advantage of new trends and technology as it happens.


Perhaps you have thought to yourself ….

“If I had only been around when Adsense was soo easy …”

or …

“If I only I had gotten started with ____ ____ marketing strategy,
I could have really crushed it”.

Right here, and right now … you have that same amazing opportunity!


To get in early, BEFORE all the money is generated.

To take advantage of a young marketing opportunity BEFORE it become saturated.

Mark my words, several years from now lots and lots of folks will be mumbling ….

“If only I had gotten started with self publishing and the Kindle opportunity”.

Still skeptical?

Want further proof that this snizzle is very much going down?

Case n’ Point ….

January 23, 2012 (yesterday) the morning new segment Tech Bytes covers:

One in three adults in the US own a tablet device!


Published January 23, 2012 ABC Tech Bytes
Tablet Growth Nearly Doubles Over Holiday Buying Season!

The number of U.S. adults who own a tablet device nearly doubled after the holiday season from 10 percent to 19 percent, according to the Pew Research Center.

Measured from mid-December to mid-January, the impressive increase in tablet ownership means that approximately 29 percent of American adults now own either an e-reader or tablet device — up from 18 percent in December.

While the increase in digital readers may make a few publishing companies nervous, at least two companies are celebrating the news. Both Amazon, which makes the Kindle Fire, and Barnes & Noble, which makes the Nook tablet, also saw a large increase in sales compared to the previous year.




This opportunity is ripe and ready for pick’in.

I’m personally doing this myself and I think you should too.

I love anything where I do not have to leave my man cave and can earn residuals. Even better, it fits right into (actually strengthens) my plans for 2012.

I would hate to see you let this opportunity pass you by and Kindle Triangulation is the PERFECT way to research and make up your mind, here’s why.


  • This product was created by a man that has been obsessed with Kindle marketing for over 15 months, your getting real information that is based on proven and effective marketing strategies that plain work.
  • Kindle Triangulation will allow you to easily identify which markets to enter, saving you loads of time and energy. No worries about creating a book that does not sell.
  • Kindle Triangulation covers SEVEN different methods that you can use to create quality content quickly and easily, even if your not big on writing.
  • The Kindle Game Creation Technique that allows anyone with Microsoft Word (or the free alternative Open Office) to create interactive games that sell like hotcakes.
  • Learn how to boost your eBooks to the top Kindle Search Optimization (KSO) techniques.
  • Access a a dossier of successful publishers who are making a killing in their
    respective niches.
  • And so much more ….


As you can see this is a well thought out product that will give you everything you need to get in now and stake your claim, however it get’s even better! You can access the entire Kindle Triangulation course right now for only SEVEN DOLLARS!

Purchase Kindle Triangulation for $97

James must have lost is brain cranium when priced this product, I would have felt great endorsing it at $197, however his temporary loss of sense is your gain!


Your Exclusive Bonus – One That Matters

Exclusive Webinar with Brian G. Johnson & Aidan Booth

I am doing this myself, in fact as I write this my books are currently being created right now, as the books are published I will back them with my new Panda Proof traffic system which combines the power of social media (easy traffic generation) and more.

And I would like to invite you to an exclusive webinar in which I will be sharing my entire strategy for 2012 and how I plan on targeting MASSIVE BOOK SALES via the kindle marketplace.

Exclusive “Secrets Reveled” Video from James J. Jones and Brian G. Johnson
Several day’s from now I will be hanging out with James (author of Kindle Triangulation) in beautiful Austin Texas at the Traffic and Conversions conference, I have asked James to do a “Kindle Reveal All” video interview with me and he agreed.

This video will only be available to those that purchase Kindle Triangulation from our affiliate link here.


You really don’t need lots of stuff for a bonus I am guessing, instead, what you need is real content produced by those in the know, I think our bonus offers just that!



Bonus Offer – Valued at $297
1) Exclusive 2012 Tell All Webinar Presentation – $197 valuePurchase Kindle Triangulation from this very page and your invited to my “2012 tell all” webinar where I will be laying down how I plan on integrating Kindle self publishing, social media, free search engine traffic and more to create a powerful residual money making system. Nobody is doing this, it’s powerful and your going to want to check this out!2) Exclusive “Kindle Secrets” Video with James J. Jones – $97 value
Not only will you be attending my 2012 webinar but, you will have access to the “kindle secrets video” that I shoot while in Austin Texas with James Jones.

Don’t hesitate to order, both Aidan and I are looking forward to answering your questions live and in real time, again, this bonus offer can only be access from this page and my affiliate link.


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Remember: If your unable to attend the webinar it will be recorded and sent out at a later date.



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