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ManageWP is the first of it’s kind WordPress management system that is not only easy to use but allows users to administrate numerous WordPress websites from one centralized site. Folks, this is a biggie and in this ManageWP Review I share how ManageWP is making my life much easier, how it’s making my sites far more secure and how I’m able to save a tremendous amount of time (and heart ache).

ManageWP: The WordPress Management & Plugin

  • Manage All Your WordPress Sites From One Location
  • One Click Updates
  • 24-7 Support For When Things Go Bad
  • Install & Manage Multiple Themes & Plugins Across Multiple Sites
  • Publish Posts & Pages To Multiple Blogs From One Centralized Location
  • WordPress Database Cleanup With One Signal Click
  • WordPress Performance Scan
  • Easily Integrate Google Analytics
  • SEO & Keyword Tracking & Analytics Reports
  • Email Notifications - Site Up-time, WordPress Updates & More
  • Traffic Reports
  • Two-factor Login Authentication
  • Automatic Scheduled Backups, Retore From Backups (Life Saver)
  • Simple WordPress Cloning Service
  • Client Reports & Branding

 ManageWP Review & Tutorial

ManageWP happens to be one of my favorite WordPress plugins. Now, however, my excitement is going through the roof. Why? Because I have just gotten the great news about it having undergone a huge update that will make this already terrific tool even more powerful than ever. ManageWP will now have seven terrific new features that will include more reliable backup, perfected cloning options with its Clone/Migration Wizard, toughened security measures, a faster ManageWP Worker plugin and more.

The Seven Features of ManageWP

1. Plans Based on Domains, Not Websites.

With this latest ManageWP update in place and from now on, member plans are based on domains instead of on websites. In other words, regardless of how many websites you are including within a single domain or a sub-domain, they will all be counted as just one and you will pay for only one plan. Of course, you will also be able to add as many more websites to the same domain as you choose and continue to pay for just one.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s convenient and it’s cost effective.

2. Faster ManageWP Worker Plugin:

Creators of ManageWP understand and appreciate that their members are busy individuals who value efficiency and timesaving opportunities. They, therefore, revamped the ManageWP Worker plugin and got it to increase its speed by 36% while allocating 83% less memory than its previous version.

3. More Reliable ManageWP Backup

With the newest update of ManageWP comes a more reliable and robust backup functionality and that functionality consists of the following:

  • A newly refurbished system by which backup is initiated. So, there will no longer be the need to rely on the WordPres cron because your website could be pinged to carry out the requested backup.
  • To make backup even more effective and timely, the updated version of ManageWP now includes a time-zone setting which will enable you to designate exactly when to prefer the backup operation.
  • The amount of memory that is used for backing up websites has been considerably reduced. This will enable many more shared hosting accounts to be backed up simultaneously.
  • The entire backup process from start to finish has been speeded up by 10%. This is, of course, a wonderful time-saver.

In short, the latest MangeWP update provides backup that’s much more reliable while also being a whole lot faster.

ManageWP Backup

ManageWP Review

4. Enhanced WordPress Cloning

This updated version of ManageWP is delivered with a newly revamped cloning tool and a brand new Clone/Migration Wizard that has greater power and increased reliability. If and when you clone a specific website to an alternate site, you will now have:

  • Improved interface options.
  • Easy to read and understand progress reports.
  • And an efficient system that handles possible errors.

Clone With Ease

ManageWP Review - Cloning Functionality

5. Tougher Security Measures

Breached security of a website can potentially lead to all kinds of dire consequences such loss of money, time and so on. That is why most Internet marketers are so concerned about the security of their websites. With that in mind, the creators of ManageWP are constantly improving their security measures and this latest update now provides user sites with security that goes above and beyond the set standards of this industry. Here are the security related changes that you will see in the updated ManageWP system:

  • The new security protocol is backward compatible and it will never again show that pesky ‘invalid message signature’ that most people dislike so much.
  • All server-client communications fully comply with server standards. Therefore, users will never again encounter mod_security problems.
  • The credentials of back destinations were switched over to the more advanced AES encryptions.

6. Enhanced User Experience

As owners or managers of websites, we all want to be sure that our visitors are completely satisfied with not only the quality content but also with quick and easy navigation that’s completely user friendly and intuitive. So, this latest update of ManageWP is now making this a virtual reality in the following ways:

  • The dashboard is now visually more appealing because it’s a whole lot more pixel perfect and it’s got the look and feel of sophistication and professionalism.

ManageWP Dashboard

ManageWP Dashboard

  • The updated version of ManageWP has been changed from the previously single site management and thus will show users the specialized dashboard as well as several other related features.
  • Two new widgets have been added to the newly updated ManageWP:

a) Notes. This widget enables quick and easy access to notes for each of your sites.

b) Recent backups. This widget enables you to easily review the outcome of recently performed backups.

7. Non-SSL Dashboard

Because the previous versions of ManageWP were using https while most other websites are using http, it was often impossible to open site admin from inside the dashboard without manually changing resets. This painful issue has been resolved in the updated version of ManageWP because the dashboard is now non-SSL. However, it can still be converted to SSL by making a simple change in the setting.

Now that I’ve told you all about the most recent ManageWP update and that I’ve shown you the new and improved features it comes with, I would like to briefly explain WordPress (WP) and what the core ManageWP actually is.


WordPress is by far the most popular open source blogging tool and a content management system that’s based on PHP and MySQL. The reasons that WordPress is preferred by most savvy Internet marketers, including myself, are rather simple:

  • WordPress is free to anyone who seeks it out for his or her websites.
  • WordPress is intuitive and user friendly.
  • WordPress is compatible with any web hosting service.
  • WordPress has dozens of template systems or programs that enhance the look, feel and effectiveness of WP sites.
  • WordPress has literally tens of thousands of plugins (modules or pieces of software) that increase its functionality in a wide variety of ways, and additional ones are being created all the time.

As you’ve heard me mention at the beginning of this article, among my favorite new WordPress plugins is one which is called ManageWP and it’s an absolutely amazing WP tool that provides users with much greater power over all the WordPress blogs that are under their management

ManageWP is actually a super powerful plugin which I highly recommend that you adopt right from the ManageWP website, where you will be asked to subscribe. Once you do that, you will gain access to a terrifically clever dashboard that helps users like you and me to manage and administer all our websites with ease and efficiency. Now, you might very well not think that such a capability is a big deal but as an extremely busy Internet marketer, I certainly do.

ManageWP Pricing – Try ManageWP For Free



In short, ManageWP is a comprehensive WP management system that was especially created for anyone who use WordPress. Regardless of how many WP sites need to be managed, ManageWP will keep them all regularly updated, backed-up, secured and otherwise competently administered.


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So, you will first need to install ManageWP and create an account. As soon as you have done that you will be able to:

  • Consolidate the Dashboards of All Your WordPress websites. With ManageWP you will be able to merge the dashboards of all your WP sites into a one, easy-to-use dashboard. From this all inclusive dashboard you will then be able to manage each one of your websites from a single comprehensive screen that will let you run security scans, perform backups, update themes and plugins, and much, much more.
  • Replace all Other WP Backup Plugins. ManageWP eliminates the need for any other WP backup plugins because it can do the job for you easier, quicker and more reliably.

The backup function of ManageWP will give you the following options …

– To schedule a full backup or just a database backup.
– To keep a copy of the backup on a particular server or to forward it to an external location such as FTP, email, Google Drive, DropBox or Amazon S3.
– To easily and painlessly restore your entire website from the backup file, if and when something goes terribly wrong and your site crashes.

  • Clone or Migrate Websites. The ManageWP Clone Wizard will help you easily clone or migrate a preselected website from its original location (your site or backup file) to another preselected location.

I use this exciting feature in a number of ways:

a) If you use a particular website with its formatting and settings as a template for other websites (I know that I do all the time), the ManageWP Clone Wizard will help you accomplish that quickly and effectively.

b) If you are like me and so many others who create new websites on development domains before moving them onto live domains, ManageWP will help you with the process. How? This feature will clone your new site onto a new destination of your choice and will then automatically update its URL. A huge time saver if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Maintenance Your Sites. All websites need to be maintained and updated from time to time and, of course, so do WordPress websites. ManageWP makes maintaining of any site a smooth and easy process.
  • Get Reasonably Priced Memberships. The flexible pricing available for membership at ManageWP makes it very cost effective because you pay only for the services you will be using and only for the number of websites you will be managing.

You will never be required to sign a binding contract. Therefore, when your requirements change, you can always scale upwards or downwards as needed. But as you can see in the graphic above, the monthly rates of any of the plans are all very inexpensive and if you opt to pay for a full year in advance you will get a 10% discount.

  • Get a Mobile App. Get a ManageWP app for any mobile device that is based on an iOS or Android platform and you will be able to manage all your websites from anywhere and at any time.


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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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