Optimizing Website Design #2 Navagation & Goals


This blog post is part two in a series about blog design, optimizing site navigation, building a mailing list, driving sales and more. You can find part one of optimizing a website here.

In part one, I shared with you how I implemented a few simple tweaks to my WordPress theme that resulted in well over 200+ new subscribers to my mailing list in a six week period.

What’s interesting is that 46% of those new subscribers came from one page on my site and this one page continues to drive traffic, leads and sales daily!


In this post I’ll share how you can leverage the same tactics as I did when I launched this very site and created that page that ultimately makes me money online!

However, fist … allow me to share a quick story about getting past road blocks
and the importance of publishing in order to achieving success.

Expect problems along the way, expect road blocks and issues that slow your planned progress, do that and when issues occur they will be just a bit easier to deal with. As I began my day today and I had an issue, my internet connection went out and I was at a stand still.

Each day, focus on doing just one thing that will ultimately result in a tangible asset once published. A tangible asset could be a number of things such as:

– posting to your blog
– writing one chapter in a book you’ll soon publish
– shooting a video and uploading it to YouTube (publishing yet again)

That “thing” becomes tangible when you publish and not before, if you spend weeks and weeks writing a book, you do not get the payoff until you publish. Thus, it’s really important to finish and publish, so many wannabe successful marketers do not publish and thus, they flounder, don’t let that happen to you.

Today, my one thing to do was to write and publish this very blog post and mail my subscribers, but alas … after my morning cappuccino I headed into my office and BAM!


I began to go into a very narrow minded way of thinking …

“must get internet’ …
“can’t work, no internet” ….

I then began the usual fixes including resetting the modem, unplugging the router, ect …


I then called up ComCast and found their call center was even down. At this point I began to raise the white flag of surrender and thought I would take a break and finish off with a movie that I had begun watching the previous evening.

I sat down, ate breakfast ….cured Italian salami and blueberries (don’t judge me) and within 15 minutes I was banging out this blog post on my ipad and moving forward! Doing that saved me some time and most importantly got me working, about 45 minutes later, internet accessed returned and I began to make progress!

Understanding the importance of publishing and focusing on completing daily tasks can really have a massive impact on your ability to get results, now … let’s get back to blog design.

One Page Drives a Steady Stream of New Subscribers


What you’re looking at above is a screen capture from my Google Analytics account for July 23, 2013 for this very site. You can see that one page “how to make money online” drove 42 visitors. That traffic is organic search traffic from Google, in the same screen capture you can see a number of related search terms.

Ranking For “How To Make Money Online”? Good Luck!

Now when I launched this site I targeted a number of search terms that I knew would be an asset to my business as soon as I hit the “publish button” if they ranked in Google. The more I published, the better my odds for success would be and by targeting variations of that search term I would again increase my odds even further.

Today, this site ranks for numerous search terms that help to build my business and those posts and pages grow stronger over time as my site ages, picks up links and love along the way. You can and should do the very same thing, remember to target multiple keyword phrases for the search engines anytime you add another article to your site as I demonstrated in part one of this series.

Blog Design & Navigation

Back in 2011 when I launched this site, my first goal was to bang out twenty or so quality posts including, about me, my mission, who is Brian G. Johnson as well as that “how to make money” winning page.

Many of these posts and pages that were created were added to my top navigation bar, which in hind sight makes little to no sense, why might you ask?

What is your primary goal?

Well, first, you must know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your website. My primary goals are.

1.    Drive FREE search traffic.
2.    Build my list with that traffic.
3.    Frame myself as an expert.

In order to do this I:

1.    Blog about topics that matter to my future subscribers.
2.    Provide real insight and share real information based on what has worked and what has not.

Yet again, the process begins with my golden rule:

Find what people want and give it to them.

My core audience wants:

– To make money online.
– To be able to drive traffic online (free traffic is best).

These are the two core wants of my target audience and this blog post is an excellent example of giving that audience what it wants by sharing tactics that I am currently implementing to grow my mailing list faster and for free.

Back to that top nav bar, right now their are all kinds of options for people to click on. Options that may not help me with my primary goal, once people are on my site my goal is to get them on my list.

Thus, in the coming days I will be relaunching this site and the top navigation will feature only content that helps me to grow my list or make money, of course this content will still be accessible for those that want to seek it out. But the top navigation is prime real estate and I will be making the most of it, you should too!

Some of those links will stay and some will go, the link “How To Make Money” will stay as it’s converting very, very well and lot of people who land on that page optin.

However, links that include: “my mission” and “who is Brian G. Johnson” most people really don’t care.

The homepage redesign ….

I will also be making HUGE changes to my site’s homepage and again, the goal will be to increase the number of people who are opting into my list.

In the coming day’s I will be posting yet another content packed blog post entitled:

– Blog Design Check List: For Traffic, Conversions & Sales

Please leave me a comment below!

Brian G. Johnson
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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  • Paul Warner

    Reply Reply July 25, 2013

    Very informative post and an even more interesting is your diagnosis as to the navigation bar, and the reason I say this is because all I have ever read right from the begining, is that you want your subscribers to know you because to be successful you need to form some kind of relationship with them, so if you are going to change the navigation bar where would you have information pertaining to you so that people get an idea of what you are about, whether you they can formulate some trust with you, and that you really have their interests at heart. Paul

  • Kreg Ertman

    Reply Reply July 25, 2013


    Avoid the distractions. 😉

    You might think about putting your opt-in box over top of the right hand side of your banner header — it’s doing nothing but eating up pixel space.

    Remember the Google wants ‘content’ in the first 500 pixels, which places just ‘name’ and ’email’ as the only (spiderable) text.

    Finally, you could turn your video into a thumbnail image (smaller, faster) that linked to the real video page (which creates another page view), thus removing the same embedded video that’s on every page… Make it a banner ad of sorts, instead of a full-fledged ‘working’ video.

    My 2 cents. 😉

    p.s. I’ve been following Brian since 2009 and without his motto, “People DO NOT fail at internet marketing, they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens”, I would have too, but I’ve made $$ because I listened, ACTED and stuck in there. Thx Brian G. Johnson! 🙂

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