Otis Johnson: The World’s Most Interesting Standard Poodle


Standard poodle pictures of Otis Johnson and several humanoids.

standard poodle puppy otis johnson

Hi, I’m Otis.

Welcome, it’s Brian G. Johnson here. Author, speaker, product creator, coach and most notably, poodle wrangler. This is the evolving life story of one Otis Johnson, standard poodle. In 2008, my father and I made the journey from Minnesota to Alabama to pick up one standard poodle puppy. My wife Amanda and I had already named our new four legged fur baby “Otis” and we were excited to begin our new adventure with him. The trip immediately began with the usual “puppy transportation” stuff that included barf, crying and one nervous standard poodle.


Lookin’ good. It’s what I do.

Standard Poodle Pictures of Otis Johnson with Amanda & Brian G. Johnson

Otis Johnson - Standard Poodle

A new day, sprinklers and a news paper. Life is good.

However, soon enough Otis was getting comfortable with his new digs. And getting into plenty of trouble as well. By two years of age, Otis was loving his poodle momma and daddy and getting along just fine.


Happy birthday to me! I’m two!

In 2010, Amanda and I packed our bags and headed west for Colorado Springs. Otis was super excited about exploring the west and that’s just what we’ve been doing! Otis loves Aspen, in fact his first job was working at the front desk of Hotel Jerome in Aspen. The guests loved seeing his welcoming face (and paws) as they entered the swanky hotel. Sometimes when Otis and I go for a walk, he gets this crazy idea that were in some kind of old time western movie.

Otis the Poodle Working His First Job at the Front Desk at Hotel Jerome in Aspen

Otis the Poodle Working His First Job at the Front Desk at Hotel Jerome in Aspen


Rollin’ Rollin’ … Keep Them Doggies Rollin’ … Rawhide!

Once a year Amanda and I take Otis for a vacation. Being an incredibly good looking standard poodle is an awful lot of work. Here’s Otis and Amanda just outside of Aspen enjoying the clean mountain air. Life is but a dream.

Country road, take me home. To the place, I belong!

Country road, take me home. To the place, I belong!

Otis also loves Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Rock on!

Rock on!

At five years of age, Otis began feeling restless. Like there was something more too life than being an incredibly good looking doggy. He mentioned wanting to give back, to provide value and to be of service. Thus, in 2014 Otis signed on with Awesome Web Marketing and began to share his knowledge, wisdom and insights that only a standard poodle could provide.

Always remember to add value, Otis.

Always remember to add value, Otis.

Since that day, business has been booming. The marketing savvy that Otis adds is nothing less than
staggering, his business insights and ability to spot a trend are impressive to say the least.


No poodles where hurt during the making of this webpage.

Otis Johnson - The World's Most Interesting Standard Poodle

Otis Johnson – The World’s Most Interesting Standard Poodle


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  • I thought you were going to be yet another stuffy “do as I say” marketer, until I saw Otis. I’m not really a dog person….don’t shoot me….but after seeing him and the poodle wrangler, I knew I had to see what your about. Great use of marketing psychology! Stanfing-O to you!

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply October 8, 2014

      Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

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