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1500+ Persuasive Words & Phrase That Sell!


When it comes to selling online, nothing is more important than the words and phrases that you incorporate into your sales copy, the following swipe file is a list of selling words and phrases that can be easily incorporated into bullet points, headlines and throughout your letter. These are real life examples that I’ve personally pulled from and they plain work. This list was created for the “internet marketing” or “make money online” niche market, however many of these examples can be applied to any niche market.

I first released this list back in 2009 with my Commission Ritual course that focused on both driving traffic and converting that traffic into dollars. I created this list myself to pump up email swipes, letters and squeeze pages. I hope your find this this helpful.


Brian G. Johnson
People DO NOT fail at internet marketing,
they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.


Marketing Words & Phrases That Sell

  • Automated System
  • Growth & Money Making System
  • Set It and Forget It
  • Unleashed on the Marketing World
  • For the First Time
  • This Page Could Change Your Life Forever
  • Rake in $_____ in his first month
  • Newbie Cracks the Code
  • Uses the Ugliest Website
  • Can Make You
  • Mind Boggling
  • Attention Online Income Seekers
  • Most Effective
  • Step-by-Step Moneymaking
  • Start using 15 Minutes from Now
  • Guaranteed to Work
  • Put in an Hour or So Per Day
  • Fastest, Easiest & Most Profitable
  • ClickBank Outsider Returns Sheepishly
  • Revealed
  • Extract Huge Sums of Cash
  • Simple but Powerful Method
  • Extract more money from any website
  • Instant & Unlimited Access
  • Right Now
  • Legitimate
  • Decent Profit Margins
  • Pre-Screened
  • Real System to Pull $500 - $1,500 Per Day
  • Working from the Comfort of Your Home
  • Money-Making Info
  • Exposed!
  • Barely Legal
  • Endless Parades Of Free Traffic
  • You Hardly Lift A Finger!”
  • Master the Science
  • Traffic Machines on the Web
  • Completely Unfair but Legal Advantage
  • Over Any Competitor, in Any Niche, in any Economy
  • Soul Crushing
  • Fun, Easy and Profitable
  • Healthy Online Addiction
  • What Will You Do with All of Your Newfound Automated Traffic?
  • Skyrocket Your Chances of Success
  • One-on-One Phone Coaching
  • Love It Or Leave It 100%
  • Take It to the Bank 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Discover the Hidden Secret to Banking $___ in 48 Hourse
  • Make an Absurd Amount of Real Cash Online
  • Unstoppable FREE Targeted Traffic
  • Follow the Right Steps, that’s All!
  • Internet Marketer Gets Millions
  • Pay-Per-Click Ads FREE
  • This Secret for Next to Nothing
  • Beat the Problem of Paying Search Engines
  • PPC Marketing FREE
  • 100s of Regular People are Following My Lead
  • Breakthrough Secret to Earning Larger Profits
  • Eliminate Pay-Per-Click Ad Costs
  • Fully Automatic Money-Makers within Just 6 Minutes
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Complete with Revolutionary Breakthrough Technology
  • Pour Cash Directly into Your Pocket
  • “Breakthrough” and “Groundbreaking”
  • Revolutionary Internet Marketing technology
  • Finally Get a #1 Google Ranking In as Little as 7 Days
  • Drive Unique Visitors to Your Website
  • Discover the System that Created an EXTRA $___ In Less than 14 Days
  • On Auto-Pilot
  • Double, Triple and Quadruple Commission
  • A Big Honkin’ List
  • Buyers Whom You can Exploit
  • Monster Paydays
  • Financial Travesty
  • Works Wonders
  • How to Make Money
  • The Gurus Never Teach
  • Real Money Exchanges Hands
  • Churning Out Behemoth Fortunes
  • Beat the Gurus at their Own Game
  • Time to Turn on the Power
  • Push Button
  • Quietly & Consistently Making Six Figure Income
  • A Way to Make Money that Has Never Yet Failed
  • Amazing True Story
  • Revolutionary Profit-Predicting Software
  • Instantly Uncovered
  • Sure-Money Affiliate Program & Keywords
  • Plug In and Profit Today
  • If You’re Not Using XXX, You’re Leaving Money on the Table Everyday
  • Anyone Can Use this to Start Profiting Today
  • The Only Way to Fail Is By Not Taking Action
  • You Can Be Financially Free, Within 6-12 Months
  • Delivers Month After Month Income
  • Completely On Autopilot!
  • STOP Chasing After the Gold
  • Become A POWER Shovel Seller
  • Big Boys Make the Big Money
  • Playing Dirty
  • Maximizing Your Conversions
  • Just Got A Whole Lot Easier
  • Discover the Amazingly Simple Secrets
  • Exactly How I Made $___ In 37 Days
  • How You Can Too
  • The BIG System to Making REAL MONEY
  • Finally Succeed on the Internet
  • Turnkey Money Machine that Prints Non-Stop Profits
  • Automatically, the Lazy Way!
  • Rake in Up to $__ per Day
  • Set Aside Just 1-3 Hours Every Week
  • Let Me Show You How to Get Cash in the Bank
  • Hands-Down
  • No-Debate
  • Easiest Way To Make Money Online
  • Proven Effective Way to Promote Your Affiliate Link
  • Stop from Being Held Hostage
  • Send You Checks Every Month
  • Taught Thousands What to Sell Online
  • How to Create a SERIOUS Income
  • Unleash a Torrent of Dependable Profits
  • Richest Trading Markets the Financial World Has Ever Created
  • Do It Securely… With Minimum Risk
  • Get Expert Help Every Step of the Way
  • It’s Not Too Late
  • Remember When You Thought You Could Achieve ANYTHING In Life?
  • What 99% of the Population Doesn’t Know is Quietly Changing of Those Who Do
  • Something Fantastic Happens Every Day at the Same Time
  • It Will Make You Rich
  • Learn the One Hidden Secret
  • Make an Incredible Profit
  • This Secret Will Completely Change Your Life
  • All You Need is the Idea and Exact Trading Algorithm.
  • Breakthrough Keyword Software
  • Helps You Uncover Literally Thousands of Profitable Niches
  • Virtually No Competition
  • Traffic Espresso “Double Shot”
  • Blasts Your Organic Search Results
  • Hundreds of Backlinks
  • Closely-Guarded Goldmine for Many Super Affiliates
  • Heavy-Hitters
  • Consistently Nailing Incredible Rankings Over & Over Again
  • Power to Legally Exploit
  • Rapidly Rank for Virtually Any Keyword
  • The Actual Loophole to Systematically Get #1 Rankings
  • Finally Exposed!
  • Easily Earn More than You’re Making In Your Full-Time Job Right Now!
  • Step-By-Step, No-Fluff Blueprint
  • Drop All the Time-Sucking Manual Labor
  • Get Your Hands on a Long-Lasting Passive Income
  • Stream Auto Created Profitable niches
  • Secrets to Working From Home
  • Making Money on the Internet!"
  • Kiss Day Job GOODBYE
  • Make More Than $__ per WEEK Working from Home
  • Magically Money Starts Pouring Into Your Pocket!
  • Stop trying to give me a fishing pole, just give me the fish - seriously!
  • Breathtaking Internet Success
  • It’s Something that Truly Works
  • Your Day Job is Tougher than Ripping Thousands of Bucks from ClickBank Every Week
  • What Happened Next Almost Floored Me
  • "Knock Me Off the Chair and Leave Me Gasping for Breath" Floored Me
  • Brutally Effective Underground Moneymaking System
  • Slumdog to Millionaire
  • Dominate the playing field
  • True Paint-by-Numbers System
  • Massive Profit Windfall
  • Powerful Money Sucking Profit Streams
  • Leverage Free-to-Use Web Properties
  • Make More While Working Less
  • Affiliate Strategy Manipulates Google
  • When Revealing How Much Money It Makes, You Probably Won't Believe Us!
  • Fastest Way To Generate Extreme Profits
  • Frankly It DESTROYS Any Other Type Of Marketing
  • You'll Be Truly Blown Away
  • Suddenly Realize Just How Much Money You Can Make
  • Want to Discover How We Made $__ In 30 Days?
  • Copy Every Last Online Money Making Secret We Have
  • Unlimited Supply Of High PR Backlinks
  • Laser Targeted Traffic
  • All Done In Minutes On Autopilot
  • Tap Into an Unlimited Supply of Targeted Traffic
  • Secret Blueprint to Online Wealth
  • Give You This Same Secret for Next to Nothing
  • Give Yourself an Unfair Advantage Over the Competition
  • The Million Dollar Blueprints Results are Shocking!
  • Legally Steal My Most Secret Blueprint
  • Ever-Growing
  • Finally Hand You a Proven System To Making Money
  • You MUST Follow a PROVEN Plan
  • “A” to “Z” In Building Your Businesses from the Ground Floor Up
  • Racking Up Thousands of Dollars
  • Have a Six Figure Blogger Reveal the Truth
  • Gain FREE Lifetime Access
  • You Can Now Finally Start Living the Life You've Always Been Dreaming About
  • You Can Put to Work for You Immediately
  • Make Money From Millions Of Online Markets
  • "Profitlancing" To Their Success
  • Fully Automatic Money-Makers
  • "POURS" Cash Directly Into Your Pocket Automatically
  • Automatically Extracts Leads & Traffic
  • Now Complete With a Revolutionary Breakthrough Technology
  • Discover a Lethal 'Yet Ethical' Sales System
  • Systematically Does The Selling For YOU
  • Begins Stripping the Contact Details from Visitors
  • Packed with TONS of Secret Affiliate Marketing Strategies, Tactics, Tricks and Much More!
  • Shows You EXACTLY How To Make Money Online Fast
  • Flood Your Bank Account with Unlimited Cash Automatically
  • Create Avalanches Of Instant Cash
  • Proven, Simple System
  • Profit Easily and Lazily
  • Bank In Stress-Free Hordes Of Instant Cash
  • Monster Paydays Any Time You Damn Well Please
  • Churning out Behemoth Fortunes
  • You Just Need to KNOW How to Beat the Gurus at their Own Game
  • The Power of Your Own Push Button List Building System
  • Better, Bigger, Badder and Even More Powerful than Ever
  • Pay Attention!
  • The Next 5 Minutes Can Change Your Life Forever
  • Turn Your Business Into a Perpetual Profit Center
  • Revolutionary 'Profit-Predicting' Software
  • Almost Instantly Uncovers Sure-Money Affiliate Program
  • Keywords that You Can Plug-In & Profit Today
  • Make Money, Build Your Big Responsive List
  • Now It’s Your Turn to Cash In on the Craze!
  • I'll Give You Dozens of EASY and AUTOMATIC Ways to Make Money Online Everyday!
  • Nail Any Keyword
  • Watch the Traffic Roll In
  • Reveal Our Secret Marketing Tactics
  • Use Today to Suck Traffic & Cash on a DAILY Basis
  • Generating Astonishing Amounts of Free Traffic in ANY Market at Will
  • Earn Fulltime Income Working Only Part Time
  • You Can Actually Make Money on Google
  • The 'Street-Smart' Secrets
  • Job Ending Cash
  • The Most Important True Story You Have Ever Read
  • Powerful Yet So Easy
  • Anyone Can Achieve Success
  • Make Huge Sums of Money Online
  • Only Once in Your Lifetime... an Opportunity Presents Itself
  • You Just Can't it Pass Up
  • Super-Secret-Money-Making-Success-Formula
  • Sell the Dream
  • I Cracked the Code and Discovered the Secret
  • Now You Can Explode Your Income Faster and Easier than Ever!
  • Work-Horse Methods Do Not Produce More Money
  • A Complete Blueprint that Will Make Your Life Easier
  • Skyrocket Your Income With a Speed You Never Dreamed
  • All You Must Do Is Say "YES!"
  • Grab that Opportunity Starring You in the Face
  • Earn Your Living by Blogging Online
  • You Can Make Money Online Quickly and Easily When Have the Path Cut for You
  • It’s True! You Can Dominate Your Market in No Time Flat
  • Economy Down, Work Online Still Thriving
  • It's Powerful and Easy to Apply
  • No Start Up Cost
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Even Pro-Bloggers and Internet Marketing Gurus are Raving About It
  • I'm Letting Out All My Tricks, Methods and Secrets!
  • Discover How to Consistently Earn Between $___ and $___ per Day
  • Quit Spinning Your Wheels
  • Are You Ready to Learn the Secrets of Six Figure Players
  • Finally Get Things Done!
  • Are You Sick and Tired of Worrying About Money?
  • Solve Your Money Problems Forever
  • 98% of the Work Already Done for You
  • Make Big Money Working 3 - 4 Hours a Day from Home
  • Make Passive, Automatic Income Online
  • Quite Going to Bed Feeling Guilty You Wasted Your Day
  • Turn Twitter Into Your Own Personal ATM
  • I'll Give You this Automatic Money-Maker Within 7 minutes!
  • STOP: Before You Buy Another E-Book Or Money-Making System
  • You Need this Information
  • Build Your Own Google Fortune
  • Change Your Life Forever
  • Revealed the Hidden Ace Up Google's Sleeve
  • Reel In a Second Income from Home
  • Discover the Hidden Secret that Guru Super Affiliates are Using Right Now
  • Effortlessly Create MULTIPLE Income Streams
  • Affiliate Review Sites are Amazingly Powerful Cash Generators?
  • Recruit an Army of Devoted Fans
  • Create an Unstoppable Brand Presence
  • Rake In Massive Commissions
  • Become the Expert Before Your Competitors Do!
  • You'll Rake In Unstoppable Commissions Easily
  • Affiliate Marketing Is Your License to Print Money on Demand Anytime You Want!
  • Create an Internet Cash Machine that NEVER Stops Spitting Out Cash for You
  • Build Your Super Affiliate Business from Scratch, the Right Way!
  • Build Website While Putting Cash In Your Pocket
  • Quick and Easy System Anyone Can Follow
  • Start Earning Income Online Even If You Have Completely No Idea How to Start!
  • The Good News is it Can Be Done Even If You're An Absolute Beginner!
  • Consistent Income Month After Month Is More Important Than Any "One-Shot" Success!
  • Advanced Technology the Just Works
Brian G. Johnson
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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  • Shalu Sharma

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    Brilliant words and phrases that sell. Who would have thought words can trigger people to buy. Thanks for this big list of selling words and phrases.

    • Brian Johnson

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      Hello Shalu,

      More than welcome!

  • Cathy Sutter

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    Cool…bookmarked this page. Thanks!

  • Arun Mohan

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    This is very useful information for me

  • Jeff Moreau

    Reply Reply March 16, 2014

    Brian, This is a great list of words and phrases that you have put together here. This would help finish a project with some content.

    • Brian G. Johnson

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      Glad you found this to be helpful!


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