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If you’ve been searching for a simple yet incredibly effective method for cashing in online, then this page and specifically our bonus for super easy books will be something that you’ll want to pay incredibly close attention to.


From the Desk of: Brian G. Johnson & Aidan Booth
Local: Cheyenne Mountain Colorado
I.E: Massive Bonus & Exclusive Training from Brian & Aidan


Hello welcome, it’s Brian G Johnson and on behalf of my partner Aidan Booth, I am incredibly excited to share with you the details on why I think Super Easy Books (and this exclusive, never before offered bonus that my partner Aidan Booth and I have made available) is perhaps the shortest path to online profits.

Regardless of your experience or lack there of …

Now before I go into why I think Super Easy Book this is such a tremendous opportunity I want to stop and take a minute and tell you why I’m so excited about the Amazon Kindle opportunity.

Amazon, and specifically Kindle offer folks like you and me a true business opportunity.

One that we can believe in wholeheartedly combined with a business model that we can place our bets on knowing that it will be around for a long, long time. Savvy entrepreneurs and self publishers are already taking advantage and enjoying royalty payments of 70%!

There’s no reason why you can’t get a piece of that pie yourself,
it’s not as hard as you may think.


Life Changing Opportunities …


Hey, it’s Brian ….

This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime and I want to take a moment to dive deeper, to share with you as to why I am fully vested with Kindle Self Publishing and why I believe you need to at the very least explore this opportunity first hand.

You see, these types of opportunities only come along every so often and those savvy Internet marketers who jump in, take action and seize the day come out on top time and time again.

If you’ve ever thought, gosh I wish I was around when AdSense was big, when so many people were cashing in, well this is that all over again and Amazon Kindle is far easier and much more simple than AdSense, SEO or CPA marketing ever was.

Here’s why …

Amazon Kindle publishers are able to leverage the #1 e-commerce site online and the process is drop dead simple, no other self publishing opportunity today offers the sales might and simplicity that Amazon publishers enjoy.

Furthermore, this opportunity does not require a large amount of start up capital, an in-depth understanding of complicated search engine optimization, does not require outsourcing of other individuals and spending enormous amounts of cash in getting up and running.

You don’t need a website, a domain name, web hosting or any of the typical cost associated with making money online. Once you begin to make money you would be smart to look into some of these things to push your marketing even further.

You can get started on a shoestring budget by simply focusing on a few core fundamentals and you can be cashing in sooner than you think.

It’s Amazon that makes this opportunity so very exciting, Amazon has been at the forefront of e-commerce for well over a decade now and with Kindle Direct Publishing you’re able to tap into the selling power of Amazon and put products available for sale by simply creating a document based primarily on text and or pictures.

Yes … You Can …

If you can understand some core fundamentals of supply and demand (and I guarantee that
Aidan and I can teach you by, simply watch our training videos and read our short guides) then you to can tap into that sales power that Amazon provides.

And you too can begin making money as a self publisher …. it’s really that easy.


Brian G. Johnson

People DO NOT fail at internet marketing,
they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.


But How Can You Be Sure?


That is, how do you know and how can you trust that Super Easy Book and our exclusive DO-RU bonus can provide you an edge and shorten your path to success?

I’m sure that you would agree, that cashing royalty checks month after month on an ongoing basis could really be that thing to change your life and make 2013 the year that you finally achieve the success that you so very desire and deserve.

But again, how can you be sure that what we provide will truly make a difference?

The DoRu Edge ….

Since 2000 I’ve been online taking action, testing, tweaking and most importantly getting *job ending* results and over the years I’ve earned million’s dollars as an online entrepreneur.

And I’ll also mention right here and I’ll make it prominent …

I want to make sure you understand the importance of what I’m about to say, you see I’ve earned life changing income by doing the stuff I teach.

I’ve earned well over $150,000 with the AdSense program, I’ve earned tens of thousands of dollars selling costumes during Halloween year after year, I’ve made money selling lots of different products by leveraging the eBay affiliate program, I made money years ago via CPA before the term was a hot topic.

And now I’m well vested, and earning four figures monthly as a self publisher with the Amazon Kindle program. I’ve had several books selling in the top 1% of the Kindle marketplace, in fact … at the time of this writing, one of my books had an Amazon Bestsellers Rank of: 7,609


Currently, there are more than one millions ebooks available in the Kindle Marketplace and with a Best Sellers Rank of 7,609 I”m outselling 99% of them all! These type of rankings mean a book is selling twenty plus copies a day and with 70% royalty payments the earnings can add up fast.

Exciting stuff indeed ….

I can teach you to duplicate my results.

Currently my books are well-positioned on and I’m leveraging social media’s giant Facebook to push my books even further.

My methods are simple and effective and they plain work, you can trust in both myself and my partner Aidan Booth.

We practice what we preach and we earn a lot of money in the process.

We’re DoRu’s …

But why super easy book?

I mean is this a product that can really help you to achieve success and move forward?

Far too many (and possibly you) give up at just the thought of writing a book, it’s the hurdle that stops people in their tracks.

However, what if I gave you methods that were easy, I mean drop dead simple and yet got tremendous results?

Tactics that allowed you to create and or outsource books quickly and easily.

True Story …

Right now I am levering methods and tactics that make creating (versus writing) a best selling, money getting book a piece of cake.


I’m talking about simple reports that are between 2000 and 3000 words in length, that are non technical and actually fun to put together. I’m publishing these types of books right now with massive success (money in my pocket).

That is what Super Easy Book is all about, it’s about leveraging tactics that make the process of book creation quick and easy and that’s what our exclusive, never before bonus will do for you as well. Let me also mention that the information in this bonus package has never been released by anybody — not me, not Aidan … nobody.

Even better, when you buy Super Easy Book and our bonus package, you’ll access Live Training with Aidan and myself.

You can ask questions, get advice and get the details you need to move forward and win and this live training event will be recorded, allowing you to study the materials as much as you need.

This is what makes our exclusive bonus package such a winner.

Done For You by Brian G. Johnson & Aidan Booth

And we won’t leave it to chance for you…

When you purchase Super Easy Book complete with our bonus package we’ll provide you with a list of hundreds of “book buyer” keywords that are based on books that Consumer that consumers are looking to buy.

And right now, I’ll let you in a little secret…

Ranking for “book buyer” keywords by leveraging the power of Amazon is absolutely a walk in the park. And if you’ve ever wanted to jump into the Internet marketing hot tub Time Machine and dial back the clock back to a simpler, easier and much more profitable time. Then these strategies will allow you to do just that.



Just as important as actually creating the book is the marketing and promotion you put behind it. As mentioned what I really love about Amazon Kindle is that the stuff is really quite easy once you know and understand some simple principles.

One tactic that can really help to push sales and make you more money is selecting the right category when you’re submitting your book via KDP (Kindle direct publishing).

You see it is extremely beneficial to choose a category that is easy to rank within the Amazon Kindle marketplace. Ranking well in any category provides you with the status of “Best-Selling Amazon Kindle Author” that helps to encourage trust and improves your sales.

Super Easy Book & What You Need To Know …

When you purchase Super Easy Book you’ll have an opportunity to make an investment in a one time or special offer. That offer contain Category Hawk, a newly released software app that get’s a big thumbs up from both myself and Aidan. This software makes the process of selecting the most optimal category a walk in the park.

For that reason Aidan and I are encouraging everyone that purchases Super Easy Book to also invest in the Special Offer that contains Category Hawk as well.

In fact, in order to qualify for our exclusive bonus offer, complete with live training and never before released Amazon Kindle tactics and strategies from Brian G. Johnson and Aidan Booth, buyers must purchase both Super Easy Book and the Special Offer that contains Category Hawk.

This helps us to limit the number of individuals who will access our training
and also get a hold of our book buyer keyword list.


Super Easy Book Bonus Offer From Brian G. Johnson & Aidan Booth


Live Kindle Quick Start Coaching with Brian G. Johnson – The Two Day Event!

Join Brian G. Johnson and Aidan Booth live for a two day coaching bonanza designed to jump start your Kindle earnings! Over the course of two day’s Brian will layout his quick-start training system designed to allow anyone to publish books quickly and easily to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

This live training will feature brand new, never before released material and will provide members with a unique angle allowing them to easily create quality best selling children’s books.

Show up and I guarantee you will be impressed and excited, both live training sessions will be recorded and members will have access to those recordings and more.

Brian G. Johnson’s Children’s Book Blueprint (Live Training with Brian & Aidan)


In this live training event I will share for the first time ever the exact method I am using to quickly and easily develop Amazon Best Selling Kindle eBooks within a 72 hour period. I encourage you to show up with a list of questions prior to the event, as there will be a Q & A session afterwards, all attendees will receive the recording.

Brian G. Johnson’s Children’s Book Blueprint – Keyword List & Research Guide


To ensure your success with the 72 Hour Best Sellers Ritual, you will gain access to a list of more than 200+ Google “book buyer” keywords compiled by myself. These search terms can be used to brainstorm potential books, used when naming your books and also used when submitting to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to ensure even more sales. During the live webinar, I will show you exactly how I’m to leveraging this list and how you can too.

The Google to Amazon Free Traffic Elimination System


Elimination, you ask? Sounds strange I know, however the end result can mean more targeted free traffic for your book.

I will walk you though the methods I use nearly guarantee easy Google ranking of my Amazon book page, the end result being more targeted traffic and more book sales. Again, this is brand new material that I have never released, for it’s only been developed in the last few weeks with continued testing and tweaking.

Aidan Booth’s Amazon’s Book Pumper Link System


Aidan will reveal a BRAND new link building tactic that allows him to get extremely relevant links on high PR websites ON DEMAND. This one “power tactic” will boost the rankings of your Amazon book page and make you more sales. This exclusive tactic has never been revealed before and will give you an immediate edge over other Amazon self publishers.

The Complete Guide to Author’s Central – From John S. Rhodes & Jay Boyer


John and Jay have been in the self publishing space for many years and after some arm twisting they have agreed to provide you with their guide to leveraging Authors Central.

42 Minute Kindle Q&A With Matt Clark & James J. Jones


This is a private call in which James and Matt question each other about driving a successful Kindle business and earning job ending income. If you have not heard of Matt he is a wildly successful entrepreneurs that leverages Amazon in many ways including Kindle.

Special Bonus Offer From Brian G. Johnson & Aidan Booth
Available To The First 100 Fast Movers

This special bonus is limited to the first 100 fast movers, We’re looking for action takers that know a tremendous opportunity when they see it. You’re going to get some amazing self publishing training that could easily have a big impact on your self publishing royalties.


In order to qualify for this exclusive bonus offer you must purchase Super Easy Book and the one time or special offer, those that only purchase Super Easy Book will not qualify for our bonus offer.

Take action today, click the order now link (FTC – my affiliate link) and you will have yourself set up with two great Kindle programs for the price of one.

The value of this package is worth the cost of Super Easy Book and the special offer alone, you’re getting access to tactics and strategies that are proven and effective, you’ll be getting two complete systems that work together and compliment and strengthen each other.

But, you must act quickly ….

This special bonus offer is being mailed to my entire list of 31,000+ people and Aidan is also sending it out to his highly responsive list of more than 13,000+

This bonus offer will sell out and probably quickly.

Click here and order Super Easy Book & the Special Offer right now!


It will be the best thing you can do for your business in 2013.




P.S. Coaching has allowed hundreds of my past students and customers to achieve success, you’re getting live coaching form me as well as Aidan Booth, don’t miss this opportunity!

P.S.S. Remember, you’re getting access to Super Easy Book, Category Hawk (kindle software), The 72 Hour Best Sellers Ritual and lots more!

P.S.S.S. Do you really think you can find a better bonus online? Join me and Aidan now by purchasing Super Easy Book from this affiliate link and access the thing that can make all the difference in the world – “coaching”.


How To Claim Your Bonus


1) Please forward your receipt to Aidan at:

authorityhybrid [at]

Include the subject line: Super Easy Book Bonus

2) Aidan will verify your purchase and send you your bonus items within 48 hours.

3) Important!

Your purchase must be made from this affiliate link and must track to our id in order to claim your bonus items, if you don’t purchase from my affiliate link, we will be unable to send your bonus items.


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