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This is what I got.

A book that will guide and focus your attention to the three critical “must have” items found in any successful, money-making digital marketing operation.

Must Have Item #1 – The Buyer Traffic
The ability to drive highly targeted traffic that already has commercial intent. That 
is, people that are already interested in and buying products and services within a niche.

Must Have Item #2 – The Buyer List
Creating a list of not just subscribers, but of raving fans and repeat buyers.
 This makes generating life changing income easy.

Must Have Item #3 – Assets To Propel Your Marketing
According to Wikipedia, an asset is:

“A useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.” All highly successful digital marketers possess assets that drive their success. This includes websites, products, mailing lists and various online properties that they control. All of which offer helpful, useful and valuable information.

This is what it will do for you.

The Trust Funnel book will walk you through the exact strategies and tactics that have allowed hundreds of online wealth seekers to generate earnings online. You’ll learn how to launch a brand, build an optimized website (a.k.a., Trust Funnel), build a list and drive game changing traffic from the big sites like Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube and others.

What’s included in the Trust Funnel Book?

Below, I’ve included the Trust Funnel table of contents for your viewing pleasure.

Forward: by Joel Comm

Introduction: One-Click Cash Money

  • How to Drive Traffic and Convert It Into Money
  • What’s a Trust Funnel
  • Trust Factor-The Easy Way
  • An Entrepreneur in the Making
  • Ka-BOOM!
  • Tinker, Tailor, Teacher, Trainer
  • Why I Wrote Trust Funnel

Chapter One: The Rabbit Hole and the Red Pill

  • Choosing the Red Pill
  • Do I Really Need to Create a Website?

Chapter Two: Creating a Success Philosophy and Mindset

  • Knowing Your Stuff and Sharing Your Solution
  • Whenever Possible, Simplify and Prioritize
  • The Very Best You
  • The Golden Rule of Internet Marketing
  • Demographics and the Golden Rule
  • Be In Control, Have A Well Thought-Out Plan
  • Publishing Assets
  • Dealing with Naysayers
  • Finding My Signature
  • The Productivity Ritual

Chapter Three: Success Ingredients – Your Personal Brand

  • Success Leaves Clues
  • Success Strategy #1 – Multimedia for the Win!
  • Success Strategy #2 – Your Brand, Voice & Audience
  • Success Strategy #3 – Give Users What They Want
  • It’s All In How You Frame It
  • Day-One Experts
  • Getting Started on a Shoestring Budget
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Success Strategy #4 Be the Hero!
  • Your Super Hero Storyline
  • Perceived Value
  • Visual Wizardry

Chapter Four: Evolution of Google Rankings & The Trust Matrix

  • Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
  • Link Building, Web Spam and Google
  • Robots and Evolution of the Early Google Algorithm
  • Powered by Robots: The Achilles Heel for Google
  • The Pivot: Google, Facebook, “Likes” and Humanoids
  • One Powerful Question

Chapter Five: Choosing Your Niche Market

  • Your Trust Funnel Vision
  • Publishing Across the Big Sites
  • Choosing Your Trust Funnel Niche
  • Competition and the Size of the Pond
  • Competition and Commercial Intent
  • Fail Safe #1 – Consumer Demand
  • Fail Safe #2 – Personal Knowledge & Experience
  • Fail Safe #3 – Passion

Chapter Six: Push button Trust and Traffic

  • Brand Research and Considerations
  • Branding Formula: The Anchor Method
  • The Power of Including a Formula
  • Word Mash – Finding a Suitable and Available Domain
  • Social Account Name Availability
  • Creating a Tagline
  • Registration: Steps for Success

Chapter Seven: Bones of the Brand and Blog

  • Self-Hosted WordPress Website
  • But What About
  • WordPress Optimized Hosting
  • Connecting Your Domain to Your Hosting DNS
  • WordPress Installation and Optimization
  • Deletion of Pre-Installed WordPress Content
  • Configuring of WordPress Settings
  • Creating Keyword Driven Categories
  • Extending WordPress Functionality with FREE Plugins
  • Brand Logo, Header and Social Media Graphics & Icons

Chapter Eight: Experience Based Solution – The Blog Launch

  • Blog Post End Goal
  • Anchor Content and Experienced Based Solutions
  • Use of Images to Boost Your Personality
  • Media Elements to Include and Types of Anchor Posts
  • Step by Step Start-up Guide
  • How Often?
  • Launching Your Marketing Blog & Anchor Content
  • Posting Your Anchor Content with WordPress
  • Optimizing Your Post for the Search Engines

Chapter Nine: 12-Step Trust Funnel Ranking Formula

  1. 100% Unique Content That’s Never Been Published Prior
  2. 1,000 Words Minimum
  3. Identify Target Long Tail Phrases Via Yoast or Google
  4. Incorporating the Target Long Tail Phrases into the WordPress Post/Page
  5. Creating a Permalink Based on the Exact Target Long-Tail Phrase
  6. Begin SEO Title with Long Tail Phrase
  7. Begin Description with Long Tail
  8. Incorporate the Long Tail Phrase in the First Fifty Words
  9. Include the Long Tail Phrase in an H2 or H3 Tag
  10. Include the Long Tail Phrase in “Alt Image Tag”
  11. Link From Other Pages on Your Site Using Some of the Words in Your Long Tail Target Phrase
  12. Incorporate Optimized Calls to Action

Chapter Ten: Value-Added Promotions and the Auto List Builder

  • Your Marketing Blog is About to Become an Auto-List Building Machine
  • Tweaking the Machine to Optimize Conversions
  • What’s the Value of a Subscriber?
  • Banner Blindness
  • Common Website Structures and the Pattern Interrupt
  • Step by Step Instructions – The Optimized Call to Action
  • Email Promotion and Large Product Launch Strategy
  • A Word about Promoting Hard

Chapter Eleven: Video Marketing and the Power of YouTube

  • Give Value, Forget The Tech!
  • Getting Fancy is Fine (Once You’re Proficient with Basics)
  • Why YouTube?
  • Setting Up Your YouTube Channel
  • General Tips For Success
  • How to Rank on YouTube and Get More Video Views
  • Stacking the Deck and Leveraging YouTube
  • Types of Videos You May Want to Create

Chapter Twelve: Amazon Kindle: Instant Authority, Traffic and Earnings

Chapter Thirteen: Leveraging Facebook and Other Social Sites

  • Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Trust Funnel
  • The Social Media Playbook
  • Personal Profiles & Business Pages
  • Creating a Facebook (Business) Page
  • So What Should I Share On Facebook?
  • Social Media Status Update Ideas
  • Google+ Similar with Several Exceptions
  • The #1 Social Signal in Terms of Google Rankings
  • Google+ The Second Largest User Base of Active Users
  • But What about Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram?

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Brian G. Johnson
People DO NOT fail at internet marketing,
they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.

Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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About The Author

Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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  • Darin

    Reply Reply October 8, 2014

    Is it available in digital book?

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply October 9, 2014


      Thanks for your interest in Trust Funnel.

      eBook version will be released soon after
      the physical book release. My goal is to sell more physical books.
      Doing so will help get Trust Funnel into physical book stores around
      the globe.


      Brian G. Johnson

  • Mike

    Reply Reply October 8, 2014

    I ordered your book from the amazon website, but afterwards realized that I did not use the link on this page to access amazon, I just typed in the url, does that make any difference, or should I cancel the order?



    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply October 9, 2014


      No worries about how you got the book.
      You got all the bonuses bud. Make sure to
      sign up to the list on this page.

      I will be sending bonus details to those
      that sign up in due time.


      Brian J.

      • Mike

        Reply Reply October 9, 2014


        Good to see your response and also the reminder to sign up on the list on this page, as I had forgotten to do that earlier. Looking forward to your new material as I know that you provide great content.



  • Robynne McWayne

    Reply Reply October 9, 2014

    Weird, but when I clicked on the amazon link on this page, it went to your other book, AZON BestSeller. . .

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply October 10, 2014

      Hello Robynne,

      Perhaps you clicked the Azon book image in my sites sidebar?
      I just checked all he links in this post and they are correct.
      Thanks for your interest by the way!


  • Anant

    Reply Reply October 14, 2014

    Wohoo.. ordered. They’re shipping to India for only $10 extra. 🙂
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this.
    I want a clear path (step-by-step type) in the bonus to get first 1000 raving subscribers & create $1000 / month passive income in 4-6months by building a brand. 🙂
    Thank You Brian G.

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply October 20, 2014


      Yes, it is possible. I’ve seen many people successfully build a brand
      and crush it online. Step by step, taking action and knowing it is possible is where
      to start.



  • jean michel

    Reply Reply December 27, 2014

    just pre-order your new book, and I’m sure it will be so good
    like everything you publish thank’s !

  • Andre Barrette

    Reply Reply January 15, 2015

    Hi Brian

    I just ordered your book.
    Do we get the bonus when
    the book comes out or before?

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply January 16, 2015

      Hello Andre,

      Sign up to the list on my book page, I will be
      sending them out in February.



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