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Want more traffic, better Google rankings, more leads, more sales, happy customers and a fabulous life as an online entrepreneur, if so then this blog post will give a fresh perspective on how to easily make it happen.

Yea, it’s easy when you focus on the right stuff and it’s that right stuff that I’ll cover here for you, if you’re at the Marketing Mayhem event this weekend in Orlando you can also catch me present “trust funnels” at 11am – don’t miss it, it will have a tremendous impact on your ability to generate the results you’re after.

Let’s get to it, I have much to share.

It’s 2013 and far too many people are playing the game like it’s 2003, if you want traffic that matters, traffic that converts into sales and dollars then it’s all about one simple but critical element.


That’s it, once you have that trust it spreads like a virus across everything in your business and online and when I say everything I mean it.

It will impact your ability to drive traffic, build up an audience on Facebook as well as other social sites, it impacts the Google algorithm and your rankings, it’s present on YouTube, Vemo and Twitter. If you have it, you can almost feel and taste it, just as your subscribers and customers can.

Yea, this is kinda sounding like the matrix …. weird for sure, but it’s the truth. Like-ability.

I’ve never been a big fan of Zig Ziglar, however about a week ago I saw a status update that really got my attention, the update featured a quote by Mr. Ziglar, here was the essence of that update.

“People listen to those like like and buy from those they trust”. Zig Ziglar

Selling that widget of yours will be so much easier if people like and trust you, even better you’ll get more, and I mean LOTS MORE traffic, oh and yes … that would be the very best kind of traffic their is to get online — FREE — traffic when you’re prolific and people like and trust you.

Of course you can super charge traffic if you want to pay for it, however the point I’m making is that success online today does not come from a widget (however installing the right widget can certainly help) plugin, or software script.

Success comes in your ability to share content online that people like and trust, do that and you will get wheat you’re after, I guarantee it. Trust (or lack their of) also comes from how you register a domain name, post to your blog, update your twitter and facebook pages and so on.

Example: Domain Registration

Google watches what you do and how you do it, trust comes or is taken away (think about a system with either positive marks that add up to more trust, or negative marks that reduce you trust) with each little action you make on your site.

– Install a plugin that scrapes content from the web, you just lost trust.

– Post to your blog an article from, boom – your trust level is once again reduced.

How about when you register a domain name? Well, if you register using privacy or private registration that could effectively reduce your trust rank, especially if you do something else that is borderline untrustworthy.

What could that be? Well, which domain name would you trust more: or

Obviously, that second domain looks spammy and was probity registered by someone who is just getting started and got a hold of some bad information that is now hurting them. Even worse would be if that second domain was a .info domain.

Why you ask? Well, a .info domain can often be purchased for a couple of bucks for the first year and many blackhat spammers know that the domain they register today will be banned by Google after a handful of months after they spam the web with the domain and their blackhat software.

Google either trusts you or they don’t, simple as that.

The good news is that if you follow a few simple core fundamentals you will build up trust with both the visitors access your content, whether it’s on a blog,

Facebook, youtube or where ever and over time your trust and like-ability level will increase. Trust and Like-ability lead to more traffic leads and sales 😉

Decisions …

Understand that each and every decision that you make has an impact on your online authority, please note, this does not mean you can’t have fun and post silly pictures on Facebook, after all fb peeps love cats and funny faces.

Like-ability >> Leads To >> Trust

However, their are things that can and do have a negative impact on your authority and their are also “mechanical” things you can do to increase you’re authority, I’m talking about how you launch a website, post to that site, what software and plugins you use, how you post to Facebook, ect ….

Every-time you do something simply ask yourself: If I do xyz, would this be trusted by my subscribers, fans or visitors? Also think how the Google engineers might program the algorithm, do you think they would trust a domain that is registered for ten years or one year? How-About-A-Domain with dashes or one without? Simple decisions you make day to day add up and compound into trust or lack their of.

Likes, Authority & Free Traffic With each and every piece of content that you publish, think about addressing the wants and needs of your subscribers or future visitors. Give them what they want and they will reward you for it with likes, shares, links and love, the very thing that drives the Google algorithm today.

Real World Example – The Case Study

I launched in the fall of 2011, it was my primary focus for 30 days. The goal was simple, to create content that mattered so that when someone landed on my site they would find what their looking for or … stop and think …

This is a great site filled with great content, I think I’ll:

– share it
– bookmark it
– blog about it
– link to it
– subscribe to it – ect …

I focused little to no attention with the old school tactic of “link building” … honestly building links bores the heck out of me and if you simply focus on content that matters the links will come as they should.

Naturally ~ The moral of the story is that instead of spending your time with new software, plugins and the link spend the time to work on content that matters. Add value and you will be rewarded. Instant Authority Boost Having great content is a must, however, you can “plugin” some authority in an instant, in a future update I will share how you can do just that.

Today as I write this, still at 30,000 feet I can tell you with 100% certainty that Trust Funnels and authority rule, this site is a powerhouse that get’s stronger with each and every update.

Give people what they want and build up your trust with each piece of content that you publish, you will be rewarded. If you like this post, please share and like it … I’m building up my trust after all.

I will be releasing Trust Funnels via Amazon Kindle in the coming weeks and I’d like to give you a chance to access my book for free when it becomes available.

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Brian G. Johnson
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
I'm Social!

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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

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