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Hello and welcome to MarketingEasyStreet.com. My name is Brian G. Johnson and for more than a decade now I have been making money online by leveraging a number of programs and systems that have allowed me to quit my day job as a professional chef.

Ever since I could remember, I have been driven to do my own thing. That is, to work for myself and to not be required to answer to a boss. Thanks to Internet marketing that came true in October of 2003 when I was able go full time online. The driving force that motivates me more than anything else is freedom rather than money and that, I am guessing, is why you’re here reading this bio.

In the past ten years or so I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars as an AdSense publisher, an affiliate marketer, a product vendor and a reseller of domain names and hosting services. The path has not always been smooth as I’ve tried and failed many time along the way. However, I never let that stop me and continued testing, tweaking and fearlessly taking action which ultimately let me to the success I enjoy today.

That last sentence of the previous paragraph is a clue — success equals failure and repeated attempts. It is often messy but can also be excitingly rewarding and evokes the kind of feelings which you simply cannot experience by working for someone else unless, of course, that is what you want to do and how you want to spend your time.

I am really not sure that I like to consider what I do online as a business because that sounds too much like work. So, I would much rather view my activities as means by which to figure out new ways for making money. Nevertheless, my online activities or Internet career has gone through two distinct periods.

Between 2003 and 2007 I worked primarily alone as a one man operation, my preferred method for making money was affiliate marketing and free traffic generation via search engine optimization or SEO. Today, I simply think to think of SEO as online visibility and ensuring that a site is found in as many places as possible on the web.

Member of the Clickbank Premier Program in 2009 & 2010

You will learn a whole lot more about visibility and how to make money by subscribing to this site, viewing my videos, reading my blog posts and/or purchasing one of my tutorial products. During this same time period I also did very well with the AdSense as I have so far earned well over $100,000 in Google’s Ad programs alone.

By 2008 I had master affiliate marketing and sold posters, art work, vintage items on eBay, software, apps, website plugins and lots more. I had also become quite good, some may even say expert, at search engine optimization (SEO) and WordPress.

It was time for new challenges, so I decided to create my own info products which are based on the skills I had used for years to make money online. Thus, since 2008 I had launched a variety of digital programs which include:


  • Revenue Domains Exposed
  • SEOPressFormula
  • Commission Ritual
  • Auto Content Cash
  • Halloween Super Affiliate (my first coaching program)
  • 300 Internet Marketers (current coaching program)
  • Rank & Pillage (product was launched with my star student Aidan Booth)

With the launch of this MarketingEasyStreet.com, my goal is to provide my visitors with useful tips, effective tactics and powerful strategies for making money online. If you have been searching for “real,” then it does not get any more real than me and this site. You can learn more about my mission by visiting this page here.


Brian G. Johnson
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Brian G. Johnson

Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.
Brian G. Johnson
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  • Ron kelly

    Reply Reply August 20, 2013

    Hi Brian,
    Just a quick question about the Bonus step-by-step User Guidebook you had on a site that you and Aidan Booth had for Authority Pro 2 (since now upgraded to AP3.1.5).
    Is that book still available and if it is can l get a copy?
    It will certainly help me to unravel Authority Pro’s complexity in setting up a content management website!
    Thanks mate,
    Ron Kelly.

    • Brian Johnson

      Reply Reply August 22, 2013


      What version of Authority Pro are you using?



  • Terry Allison

    Reply Reply January 14, 2015

    Hi Brian – Looking forward to using the EasyVSL. I purchased the software but don’t see the bonus link on JVzoo as you described. Any ideas. Thanks.

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply January 14, 2015

      I just updated the bonus items Terry.
      Please check the JVZOO portal once again.
      Sorry for the issue.


      • Terry Allison

        Reply Reply January 14, 2015

        Still stumped – I will check again tomorrow from another PC. Cheers!

        • Terry Allison

          Reply Reply February 3, 2015

          Hi again Brian – forgot to mention here that I got the bonus items just fine. Cheers!!!

  • Simon

    Reply Reply February 26, 2015

    Hey Brian question,
    I like your training and how you teach step by step.
    What is your most up to date affiliate training program like commission ritual? But is out of the kindle market as im not interested in kindle.

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply February 27, 2015

      Coming in the spring of 2015 Simon 😉
      Trust Funnel Academy.

  • Jenny

    Reply Reply July 3, 2015

    Brain ditch the silly image your face and pointing a load of us in an audience thought who is this idiot? when it came up on a screen for some promo nams-virtual-intensive-traffic
    just comes across silly and cheesy hate to be harsh but like 130 folk all said they were really put of so probably does you know favours !!

    • Brian G. Johnson

      Reply Reply July 5, 2015

      Hey Jenny,

      I appreciate your feedback, I am sure many think my site is cheesy
      and silly. That is fine, I can live with that. It’s tongue and check,
      I do not take myself too seriously.

      Again, thanks for your feedback.

  • Shad Finney

    Reply Reply October 29, 2015

    Yes, I remember you from the Ritz in Beaver Creek. I finished the book I was writing, Just One Planet (if you remember). We spoke about your children’s book about space? I am starting to market the book. I am currently seeking a literary agent. Although when remembering talking with you. I thought I would contact you.If you would consider marketing the book, I would give good percentage of the profit margin? Contact me if that sounds like a possibility?

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